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Day of the dead crafts: decorative lights

Do you love day of the dead craft? You can use napkins, which they light up to create this unique decorative! So much fun for Halloween and beyond.

Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road.
I have tickets started a Halloween tradition that comes with quick, easy, spooky Halloween candle holders and lights.
someone was desperate for me to starts this tradition, but I have none-the-less, I’d like to welcome you to the year 2016 Creepy candle holder Tutorial.
I again and again over the head, and the day of the dead crafts and decor, so I, I’d give it a shot napkins with some price thought, some glasses from the dollar store, spray paint and Matte Mod smorgasbord.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This design is for use with the versatile, battery-powered tea lights only.
Here is what I have for this day of the dead crafts:

day of the dead-lights

glass Container from the Dollar store
Halloween napkins
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Spray paint (black, red, glass-glaze)
masking tape
Rag (optional, not shown)

For variety, I have two options for creating this.
For some, I first tape the glass with masking tape, create a “window”, the skull of a little glow.
After painting the jar, I wrapped then immediately put it in an old rag and gently work it into the paint, squeezing him for only a few seconds. When I removed it I had to look a beautiful, textured, weathered. For other candle jars make it a bit easier. I simply masked, painted and removed the tape.
Then, while the paint dried I the layers of the napkin (the “lag” separately have;), to the thinnest layer, which showed that the graphics:
For some of the images, after the separation, the “plys” I used my fingers to tear off the edges for a nice frayed look.
For the other napkins I've only used a pair of scissors and cut out the images.
Attach the pictures that I painted on a thin layer of Matte Mod smorgasbord on the window-pane, and then, very gently, put my napkin and smoothing it out. With a tissue/napkin you are never going to get rid of wrinkles all and if you try too hard, you’ll only wear and tear of the fabric. In this case, I think the wrinkles add to the look of the project.
After this was dry, I was done.

are you looking for fun in regular light but . . . in the evening, I think they give a fun, sorta creepy mood (spinning will help).
All the napkins would work with this technique or you can use tissue paper, regular paper – there are tons of options. The glasses could be painted in any color, as well.
I hope everyone has a great Halloween season and if you’re looking for more Halloween project ideas, please check out my blog or my Etsy shop, where I’m working with new Halloween ideas.
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