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Cute DIY pencil holder made of glass (Free!)

Turn a recycled glass into a cute DIY pencil holder in just a few steps! This pencil cup is easy and you probably have the supplies on hand.
skills Required: beginner. You’ll be fix using the color on the glass, and then Mod Podging scrapbook paper. Anyone can do this project, including the children.

you have a college bound student who may be in need of a cheap Desk accessory for your Dorm room? Or do you need an idea for a back-to-school teacher gift? Raid your recyclables, and make a practically free DIY-pencil-holder. You can pencil customize this cup idea, so many possibilities!
After my hubby and I polished off some chips and salsa recently. . . I saved the salsa to make a jar of this fun craft! The nice thing is that I had all the supplies in my stash. This pencil cup is actually a perfect way to buy up items in your stash without doing anything. You need to only paint a couple of panels, (also leftovers!) Paper and Mod-smorgasbord.
Before I show you how you can decorate your pencil cup, I wanted to give you a few tips to make this project. Hopefully this lead you to DIY pen holder success!
to Remove labels and Clean the glass
Before you get started, you’ll need to remove the labels from your glass. I recommend some of the non-toxic methods in my DIY-sticker-remover-post. Several readers shared their favorite methods and they work well!
Since you’ll be painting the inner side of the glass, you should make sure that it’s completely clean so that the paint adheres well. You can do this by washing the inside of the glass with a mild soap and allow to dry. Another option, which I use here, is to clean the glass with alcohol.color
painting glass is really easy to do, if you’ll probably need several layers. I recommend using FolkArt Enamel paints or FolkArt multi-surface paints. They work really well on glass.
With your painting-pencil-Cup
you’re color, the pencil inside your DIY holder. You can! you can paint the outside, if you like, but I find the painting of the inside of a glass looks more clean To remember two important things about painting glass:

you Use a soft bristle brush. I like taklon brush and I get all of mine at Michaels
Let the paint dry completely between the layers; if you paint on glass to paint, and it’s not dry, you’ll take what you just painted

Are you ready to get to the pencil cup project instructions? Read more below!
Simple DIY pencil holder
Collect These Supplies

glass, fit your pens
Mod hodgepodge Gloss or Satin
- enamel - /glass color
Isopropyl alcohol
Decorative paper, 2 pattern
sealing spray

Remove all labels and clean your glass thoroughly. With a rag, wipe the inside of the glass with alcohol and allow to air dry.
pour paint in the glass, and then with a brush a thin layer of paint on the inner surfaces of the glass. Turn the glass upside down over a paper towel to remove all excess paint to drip. The coat allow to dry and apply another layer.
to Dry and cure the paint according to the manufacturer's instructions. Sometimes the glass is able to paint air-cure over several weeks, OR placed in the oven to color.
Cut a panel of your favorite to fit the paper to the center of the jar. Cut a smaller piece of paper for another accent, if desired.
apply a layer of Mod-pick-and-mix around the outside of the jar and wrap them up and you press the "paper" above. Smooth out any bubbles as the glue dries. When you have to keep your paper popping up that you may want to use stops, a few rubber bands, it is in the place. Allow it to dry.
you Apply a layer of decoupage over the paper and place the second, smaller piece of paper on the top.
Smooth out any bubbles and let the two sheets of paper to dry. Brush on 1-2 more layers of the decoupage over the paper to seal it. Once dry, you can protect the decoupage by you to tilt the glass upside down and seal it with a clear enamel spray.
you Use your fun new DIY pen holder on your Desk at home . . . or you can fill them with a number of pens, pencils and other supplies to give to a teacher, you know!
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