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Cute Cinco de Mayo Crafts: coasters and Garland

You learn two wonderful Cinco de Mayo crafts – papel picado coasters and a mini-piñata taco garland. Such a fun way to celebrate the holidays!
I know – Cinco de Mayo is over. But I live on the road from an amazing (and relatively new) Mexican restaurant called Pure, the also serve some great margaritas. So I think I’m going to celebrate all month long . . . and the de Mayo crafts closes with a few sweet Cinco.
One thing I love about Cinco de Mayo, the the craftsmanship is really, colorful. I love bright blue -, green -, yellow -, and pink tones. They are so cheerful!
Cinco de Mayo crafts
Let’s in the two ideas: starting with some papel picado coasters with dishwasher Safe Mod smorgasbord.

Cinco de Mayo-coasters
they Collect Supplies

A couple of shades of acrylic paint
White cardboard coasters
Papel picado Banner
Mod hodgepodge of Dishwasher-proof

color of the saucer; allow to dry. For each coaster, cut a piece of banner in a contrasting color to the size of the coasters, plus ½ inch all around.
Apply sealant to the coasters. While still wet, press the banner at the top, gently smoothing the wrinkles or bubbles. About folding the edges. Brush the tops with sealer, allow to dry, then coat the bottoms; let dry.

Don’t forget to order the mini taco piñatas, too! String 'em together to hang over a table, or make one per guest as party favors.

Cinco de Mayo Garland
Collect This

Yellow construction paper
Yellow tissue paper
glue stick
toilet paper tubes
hot glue
Mini cupcake liners
Small treats (optional)
String, (optional)
Yellow paper clips (optional)

For each taco: Cut a 6-inch circle from construction paper. Cut 20 1 - x 6-inch strip of fabric. Five to 10 stacks at a time, with fringe along one long side.
Stick the first strip of fabric in the center of the circle. Add a strip only at the top, so that the edge overlaps. Furthermore, at the top, then repeat on the other side, proceeding in the opposite direction. Cut off the excess.
Cover the half of the toilet paper tube with hot glue (an adult's job), then you wrap the fringed paper circle around him.
Knead to a cupcake liner, dot of hot glue on the bottom and glue it to the top of the toilet-paper rolls. More Liner to add-in various colors, until they covered the entire inside, including opening the toilet paper tube. If desired, place sweets or toys wrapped in the open end of the tube, then stuff in a liner for sealing.
Turn your mini-taco in a garland, a bunch and tie them with the help of the little yellow paper-clip.

Let me know in the comments, the Cinco de Mayo crafts are her favorite!
Taco garland and coasters crafts, and photos courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine; visit for even more creativity and kindness.

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