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Custom DIY jewelry holder from wooden Plaque - Mod-hodgepodge rock

You make a little DIY jewelry holder, you can display on your wall, and easy grab-and-go in the morning Personalize with any image that you like!
Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road.
My friend, Karla, is addict a true TCM (Turner Classic Movies). If it’s in black and white (and sometimes color) IT is!
One of the great advantages to do a home workshop is able to make projects for friends! If my buddy Karla asked me if I could her a small jewelry holder that could help to hang on the wall for a quick grab-and-go in the morning, I was more than happy to. Since she loves the glamour of the old movies, we thought we’d tie the two of them.
These DIY jewelry holder turned out to make that simple and fairly inexpensive – here is how we did it.

Collect These Supplies

a wooden Board from Michael's
6 vintage glass buttons (online D Lawless Hardware)
Hard layer of Mod hotchpotch
Matt Mod-hodgepodge ordered (not pictured)
Old movie poster print-outs (we never used a book Kara
foam brush
-Sand paper
had) White color


drill with a matching bit
utility knife

Since only the edges of the coverings show, we gave you a loop, a light, painted it white, and set it aside to dry.
the circles are always difficult for me. I can never print on paper that is large enough, and it’s hard to find the perfect measurement. This time, after laying out the collage, I ran my finger along the edge of the plaque and cut along the fold.

(no, my career as a hand model, has not worked as I’d hoped. Why Do You Ask?)
just a little bigger to give myself a little leeway . . . as I dried getting a little trim away more and more from my jewelry holder according to the Mod-smorgasbord.
I used the Matte Mod hodgepodge put together the collage and set them aside to dry thoroughly.
figure Out where the buttons would go, took a little playing around. Karla, of course, wanted it to hang to place for jewelry and easily accessible, but I wasn’t keen on put a knob in Ingrid Bergman’s eye or something.
Once I’d figured out the placement I marked lightly with a pencil and drilled the holes for the screws (the buttons we used, instead of using thin screws).
I used a Hard layer of Mod conglomeration to give the collage a final seal – I wanted to make sure we had a nice durable surface – and let it dry.
After that it is simply a question of the attachment of the buttons and we were done!


to cover up When you drill the holes for the buttons of the drill bit tearing some of the paper, but don't worry, the base of the knob, the.
We posters used scans of old film, but you could theme would work this to nothing – comics, shoes, cameras – and, of course, all of the scrap paper, too.
We can notice down-the-line is that Karla is in need of some larger knobs (that sounds weird…..) for coarser, jewelry, but this would be a simple swap.
And finally, of course, we used a round badge, but any shape is suitable, would be the room perfectly.
I run an Etsy shop busy full time, but I’m new tutorials and how-to projects, was always looking to please visit my blog and take a look at some of the other ideas I’ve been away Puttering.

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