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Creepy Crawly DIY-Halloween-coffin - drawer - Mod conglomeration of rocks

Turn a mini wooden coffin in a Halloween plate, coated with creepy-crawlies! This unique Halloween coffin is perfect for unexpected guests.

hi everyone. It’s David from Cheltenham Road.
; starting my holiday projects a few days before the actual holiday. But this year, for my Etsy shop and blog, I vowed to be ahead of the game! (wish me luck).
So, sorry for the jump in the future, but, Halloween is on the way!
Michael’ is even more ahead of the curve than I am, and I was a little surprised to, Halloween decor last month, but not so stunned that I coffin didn’t grab (with a coupon, of course, a fun-shaped pan, which you have in this season.
It was a bit of a whim purchase, but when I started back home, I was musing about the possibilities and thought that a creepy, crawly DIY-Halloween-tray might be fun.
It turned out to be very simple, but there is a fair amount of drying time needed to plan every step of the way, so accordingly.
Halloween coffin tray
to Collect These Supplies

The above-mentioned coffin from Michael's
Some plastic bugs (the flatter, the better)
Envirotex Lite (also at Michaels. It’s a bit expensive without the voucher, so make sure that on hand)
Scans of candy wrappers (more on this in a second).
Matt Mod hotchpotch
foam brush

I knew I wanted to candy-Wrapper design, and I considered just buying a few sweets, but:
A) this will be a bit expensive these days, and;
B) although I’m quite able to do it, I thought it best not to eat too much candy (and there wasn’t is even a small chance I'll unpack it and throw it away)
so . . . internet to the rescue!
showed A quick Google search a few images of candy wrappers, vintage and new, that I downloaded and changed, put it together in a collage.
(I used Photoshop to create my design. I just got the tray itself, and then populated scanned the Form with my candy wrappers. I don't know any Photoshop or similar software, so the graph is above.
When I for the first time, tray made collages, I would trim a section from the base shape of the tray, and then simply print out and arrange the collage pieces to fit. I had once wish the design as I do, I would Mod smorgasbord, each piece in place.)
After the issue of the collage-I have Matt Mod to fix the hodgepodge of it to the bottom of your Halloween-coffin-drawer.
The paper must be thoroughly sealed before they discolor, pour the Envirotex otherwise the chemicals in it.
So, my collage layer was dry, I put a fairly thick layer of Mod-hodgepodge for the seal and then used it to “glue” my bugs and snakes instead (so you move won’t, when I pour the Envirotex).
It takes overnight (and sometimes a bit more depending on humidity) for a thick layer of Mod hodgepodge like that, to dry.
Envirotex is a two part epoxy resin that dries, like a sheet of glass. To work, it’s simple, but you must follow the instructions on the box to the letter.
I messed up my Envirotex and poured it into the tray. Because my roaches were a little thick, I did, you need a second pour after 24 hours.
Once the Envirotex was dried, I was good to go with my creepy Halloween coffin-drawer.
is The Envirotex seal the glass and the bugs are also below.
Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to people jumping when you reach for the sweets and discover a bug?
I hope the Halloween coffin tray gives your holiday decorating imagination. Please let me know if you have any questions.
; ve been decorations in full Halloween mode for a little bit, so check out my latest tutorial over on my blog and all my Halloween on Etsy!

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