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Crafty BOO necklace for Halloween

If you want to make a little statement-jewelry for Halloween with this “Boo” DIY Halloween necklace is a great idea – fit you to say it with a haunting, which you like!
I’ve always wanted to chain a ghostly neck. I’m not that much of a jewelry person, but I like Halloween so much that I think it deserves a little something special.
I wasn’t quite sure what I did when I started the project (like many projects I start), but I knew I wanted to Ross, the melody Chip art goodies from GCD Studios.
With my huge Halloween stash, the “bling” was’t a problem, and everything came together to make this fun necklace. I like it because it’s fun, without being childish. Here’s how I did it.
DIY Halloween necklace
Collect These Supplies

Melody Ross Chip Art pendant Kit (comes with the necklace and chipboard charm)
Melody Ross Chip art tool-Kit – I used the Chickadee uppercase alphabet and the Mini shapes Ornamental stamps (just the star)
Mod hodgepodge gloss
FolkArt acrylic paint – Pure Black, Plum vineyard
Spray Paint – black
I used Prima flowers – 3 of your choice
Halloween decorations –, Jolee’s Boutique and Making Memories stickers and brads
craft glue

Here’s-Chip-art-trailer, the before and after. As you can see, I’ve hoarded a few of these. I spray painted, the finish, because the thought of painting made the chain of hand-me want to dunk my head in a VAT of Mod-hodgepodge. If you are more patient than I, go for it.
Here, the Chip-type goodies – are otherwise known as the “bangy tools.” For a great video on how to use these tools, go here. The point of this kit is to emboss chipboard with the statements and forms of your choice, and it works great.
of The embossing method of the chipboard with water, starts spraying, getting only a little wet, but not soaked.
Grab the wooden mallet, forms and letters, and (does each letter/shape separately) tap to emboss each with the wooden hammer your chipboard.
It takes a bit of practice, but you end up with something like this. It can be complicated, but I wanted to be easy.
the second part of the chipboard to embellish process includes the layering of color, and only slightly less fun that hitting something with a mallet. Paint the chipboard with a base color – I used plum vineyard. Let dry.
Dab the second color on the top (I shapes have Pure Black), especially right there, where the clamping plate.
you can Take a damp paper towel (just a little wet) and lubricate the second color over the top of the piece. The black color in the crevasses and you will be left with an effect as you can see in the finished photo. Let dry.
This is a fun, Prima flower tip! There's always some color, the flowers in the packaging that aren’t your favorite. Paint.
I painted a few that I didn’t like so much – one with Pure Black and the other with plum vineyard. I have a black glitter one that I liked and kept. Your DIY-Halloween necklace is not completed in the vicinity!
coat sealing the entire chipboard piece with Mod smorgasbord to them and for some shiny fun. I owe you an apology for my photos, by the way. To try a pic, left-handed sometimes . . . doesn’t work. I think I just had a Cup of coffee.
you Stick the flowers together and glue an embellishment (like a rhinestone) on top. Let dry.
Glue the flower to the necklace and add embellishments as you like. Wear them proudly, because they love Halloween!


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