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Crafts for men: Comic book coasters

If you are looking for unique crafts for men, these DIY comic book coasters are perfect. Use materials right from the hardware store!

It’s so hard for me, the hand works for the man! You can be like me and a brother who loves comic books – in which case, cartoon coaster is the perfect gift for brother. And believe me, I’m not throwing stones. I’m a Star Wars fanatic. I even have a t-shirt (I'm wearing) that says “Be Nice to Nerds.” Haha!
s project, because I know that many of you are looking for gifts and project ideas for the men in your life. You’ll want to get the attention (especially if you’re a beginner); he also used an unusual surface for the base. Paired with Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge, this comic coaster project is a win-win.

If you already visited my Etsy store you know I'm the coaster guy. I have eight tracks of every kind under the sun, but they come in only one shape: square. So, I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities, and I was so happy when in the electrical /lighting section of Home Depot I came across these metal blanks that are made in order to cover up unused outlets ($1.40 per piece).
you can buy round wood or chip-board blanks for roller coasters, but for me they are just too easy (nothing is more annoying than a roller-coaster that ALWAYS sticks to your glass). However, these are perfect – less clunky than a roller coaster out of a tile but still heavy and versatile.
Make Comic book coasters
For this project you will need:

Comic books – you can use the real thing or printouts
Electrical outlets-covers
E-6000 glue
Spray paint
paint brush

I used a white coaster wanted to, to adhere so that after a light sanding with some 220 grit sandpaper (just to rough up the surface and give the paint something) I have some antique White spray paint and allowed it to dry thoroughly.
books I love old comic book and decided to make a few graphics from a book I found on the remainder table a while ago. Sometimes I find visualizing it difficult to what will look like a section when it is cut out, so I used my Fiskars Circle guide to get an impression to cut where on the page I wanted.
There are two holes in the blank, and the paper will need to cover them. I chose to leave a little edge showing, but it would also work to cover the entire surface with paper.
If you choose this route, just cut a circle slightly larger than the blank and after applying and allowing it to dry, you can cut would be the excess paper with a cutter knife. After you have decided and cut out the pictures it's time to Mod-smorgasbord.
I like to dampen my images before you smorgasbord it is trying as it reduces the bubbles and wrinkles that plagued me in my early Mod -.
NOTE: This method does NOT work with images printed on an ink-jet printer because the ink is running, you should always test a small section of the paper to ensure that it will hold. I fill a container with water and drop the image in to soak a bit while I prepare the surface.
If I drag the image out of the bathroom, I run my fingers along either to remove from it excess water. Then I place it on the surface and gently flatten it, pushing all the air is trapped or any excess Mod-hodgepodge (with a paper towel to handle ready is helpful) and allow it to dry.
After about 20 minutes I coated the coasters with a layer of Mod collection and allowed it to dry, then sanded it with my 220 grit sandpaper and gave it another coat.
I glued the seals with the space on the backside for my padding using E-6000 glue - you can also use cork or felt if you prefer.
And you now have a finished comic book coasters to the gift. Or to keep for yourself.
Thank you, David – these comic book coasters are awesome. My brother’s birthday is coming up and I’m to make this. No one tell him!

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