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Cork-Board-jewelry-Organizer with fabric Mod conglomeration of rocks

Courtney redesigned your bathroom Cabinet with pretty colors – and turned the interior into a cork-board-jewelry-organizer with Mod patchwork and fabric!
I gave my bathroom Cabinet a makeover, and I wanted to be inside for a little surprise. It has a cork board on the inside, and it was in a pitiful state. I knew that I wanted to cover it in some fabric and use that space to hang my chains. A cork board makes a perfect jewelry organizer!
I found this fabric at that time, as I have my fabric lined drawer with a post-it on my Desk. I fell in love with it when I saw it at Jo-Ann and I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. THAT'S IT!!
fabric Cork Board
For this project, you’re going to:

fabric Mod hotchpotch
Mod hodgepodge Bayer
Mod hodgepodge brush applicator

This was the image Supplied. It really is a makeover needed. But it's a great piece overall, and only $30.00, total bargain!
First steps
would I looked through my craft to find a place to hide fabric Mod smorgasbord and rounded up to the rest of my supplies I need for this project.
Let’s get crafting!
step 1 – Add fabric
I was able to remove the cork board part is super easy.
I used my brush and started at the top, the upper part of the cork board. I didn’t go too thick with my Mod collection, I really don’t think you need too much. To start, you don’t want it to seep through the fabric.

step 2 – Smooth fabric
I put gently my fabric on the upper side (make sure it’s just) and my brayer tool to help you smooth the fabric down.
Then I started on the next section. Add more Mod smorgasbord and laying my fabric on the upper side until the piece was covered. Let it dry for an hour before the next step.

step 3 – Cover the pages
I have a thin amount of Mod-pick-and-mix to the sides and the festival wrapped up,. Make sure that you smooth down well for this step.
step 4 – completion of the back
I moved him to the back and folded the bottom edge. Then I have more Mod-smorgasbord, to help the last of the pieces to hold it all in place.
As I folded the bottom piece, I have only a few more tacks to keep it secure. Let everything dry for 2 hours before using.
finishing touches
I found to use some cheap hook, and it has been a perfect jewelry organizer.
; m obsessed with this piece now. It’s seriously my favorite in the house. It’s going in my bathroom for our towels, wash cloth, etc.
I’m so happy with how my cork board jewelry organizer turned out. The fabric Mod smorgasbord has worked out great; I love the stuff. I was a little nervous about the use of cork, but it felt good. The fabric is so much easier, then scrapbook paper!
Make sure to stop and see how the whole furniture makeover!
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