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Copper Sheet, Popsicle Stick Frame

Learn how to make a popsicle stick frame – you can clip photos or notes, while adding a bit of copper sheet is glam in your life!

I’ve been loving all things copper lately! I recently got some copper wire heart photo holder that I just love. I had some more copper sheet from a previous project and thought it was time to use it well!with popsicle sticks, where you can clip photos or notes on the fridge, while adding a little glam and elegance to your life.br>

Popsicle Stick frame
Here’s what you need:

copper leaf
Large Popsicle Sticks
Mod-hodgepodge (matte or gloss will work)
hot gun

The first adhesive, what I did was give my popsicle sticks with a beautiful coat of white paint to contrast with the copper sheet.
Next, apply some Mod conglomeration, to one-half of the popsicle sticks. Don’t bother buying an expensive gold leaf, glue, Mod hodgepodge works just as well and you probably already have some on hand!
Keep the copper sheet to the Mod-hodgepodge. After the glue is dry, brush off the excess leafing.
hot glue vertical popsicle sticks to the back to hold everything together. No, it’s not pretty, but nobody will see it!
bring a small clothespin with another DAB of hot glue and some strong magnets on the back, and you're done!
if you Have gold or copper leaf in your life recently? It’s addictive, and makes everything look so upscale! Feel free to visit me over at my blog, homemade ginger, where I share tons more crafty posts and tutorials. I’m also on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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