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Cool Desk Accessories That You Can Design Yourself!

Make your own cool Desk accessories with your favorite decorative tapes and a little creativity! This is SO easy, anyone can do it.

I love back-to-school supplies. I’m not a very good organizer by nature, so getting new back-to-school supplies is really fun for me because it gives me the chance to get my Tat.
It’s been that way since I was young! Speaking of young, I’m going to show you how provides you to personalize the school, and it’s great children’ craft.
I personally don’t want to pay a fortune for any of this stuff, so I have a secret – I buy smooth surfaces and embellish them the way I like. This year I have cassettes with Scotch Expression.
If you have seen haven’t these beautiful bands, here’s insight. You can imagine that I squealed when I read the pattern, because they are bright and fun saw. And I love it bright and fun!
And because they are class, Scotch Expressions tapes are available in over 100 colors and patterns and four varieties—Magic Tape, masking tape, washi tape and adhesive tape.
the Dimensional magic scissors to be My favorite project of the personalized school. So that’s the first thing I’m going to show you how to make them, but I’ll also show you the other projects that I already have as well.
cool Desk accessories
Gather These Supplies

Desk accessories and goodies – magazine holder, pen holder, paper box, binder clips, scissors, dry erase Board, or whatever you’d like to decorate with your ribbons (you pretty much stick to anything!)
Scotch Expressions tapes, available in your choice of colors/patterns
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
utility knife
craft glue

So, now that I’ve decorated a pair of scissors with tape, I’m ready to around 4,000 more pairs. It’s VERY easy. Just run the tape to one side and trim at the top with your craft knife.
Then turn the blade on a flat, cut-friendly surface and run the cutter knife to both sides.
Finally, add Dimensional magic on the top of the tape and let it dry for several hours. Then flip and repeat on the other side. While you wait for the three-Dimensional magic, this is the time to go crazy with their bands. I just rolled the top of this paper box in a row and trimmed.
This pencil holder was easy to decorate, just put a few bands around the middle.
Do the same with the magazine holder. And then, if it is a seam or a “strange” area, make sure, glue a button for the suits.
I had no idea whether the tape would hold the tie-clip – it! The expressions, the insert ribbons, so pretty much everything I put them on. It was so much fun!
My last project was to decorate erase the boring extra dry- - /magnetic Boards that I had lying around. I think I know why I like the colors so much. You look in my pants and toe nail paint in the edge of the image (I’m so predictable!).
Here are pictures of the cool Desk accessories in their native environment:

So, what do you think . . . you are a converted Band “artist” yet? This cool Desk accessories? With a few rolls of Scotch expressions, you can decorate more school supplies than you could ever imagine.
These great tapes are available at office superstores and mass retailers nationwide, as well as online. Simply just head to ScotchBrand.com/EXP find a store in your area. It is so easy! Simply enter your zip code. The prices are great . . . They range from $2.50 – $5.99 (for 3 rolls).
disclosure: This post has become a brand for you by the Scotch. All opinions are 100% mine.

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