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Cookie Exchange, DIY Favor bags

You use my free printable, Mod smorgasbord of photo-transfer-medium, and personalized Shutterfly printed items, to the best of diamonds-themed cookie exchange ever!!!
Okay, you got me – I am totally on Board with buffalo plaid this season. I just love it! I know that I’m believes the only one out there in this way. I’ve seen so many diamonds-printables and projects are floating in the blogosphere . . . it just warms my holiday heart!
I recently bought a cookie exchange with some handmade Goodies Shutterfly; of course, buffalo plaid is a part of the theme had to<.br I’>; m excited to share with you a photo transfer tutorial for photo transfer to bags, my Shutterfly purchases for this party. The only thing I can’t share with you, is, the cookies, and they trust me . . . . I wish I could (they are really good, and it’s too many of them)!
I have to start by passing out the invitations for my party with you. It is invitations from Shutterfly – was really difficult to pick up,; but I think that is a good thing. You have so many beautiful options, AND you can add images, and even choose the edge treatment for your cards. You’ll definitely find something you like!
My favorite part of your site is that I knew the search for color, and I, I wanted to red – this is what leads me to this Fun snowflake 5 x 7 invitations. And get this – you envelope liners. I was able to check Design of my invitations! Fabulous, right?
I thought so.
Now my party to fit with the buffalo plaid theme, it is necessary to create the purchasing of a few items “environment.” So I designed the graphics, which I’m available to you for download.
Download the entire graphic HERE. Download the graphic that says “Merry & Bright”, only HERE.
Here’s dealing with this plaid graphics – you’ll be able to upload them to Shutterfly, as a picture, and use it to display items to customize how I did it!
I started with a canvas.
I wanted to season decorations that I could use for my cookie party, but also, I wanted to keep my home the whole. The Weathered wood frame canvas perfect Print for that! It’s got the gallery wrapped edges, which I LOVE because you can hang it/display it without a frame. And the weathered wood, the treatment with the plaid is just my style.
Now the next two items really excited me! I mean all I was irritated, but I had NO idea that Shutterfly had candles. And of course they can be personalized, so that’s just what I did. You can create any image that you want, not only my graphics, and there are to choose from five fragrances, from There, will be bought, in any case, a pug candle, more . .
And maybe some pug-sticker. I had this (brilliant?) Idea, buying 1.75 x 1.75″ stickers and add them in about 2″ wood blocks I had on hand. Quick and easy to decorate with not a lot of effort – I love it!
But that’s not all.
Because I had my own little creative touch to this party, I decided to adjust, some prefer bags. I bought some muslin favor bags, and grabbed some Mod-patchwork photo Transfer Medium, to these bad boys:
I’belongs to ve, as people say they are intimidated by photo-transfers, but they aren’t difficult at all. You only need two things. First, you need to have patience.
And second, you must recognize that the intended result is a bit rustic/vintage look. I don’t have a lot of patience, but I’m working on. I appreciate the rustic/vintage look, so we’re well.
photo Transfer Favor bags
These favor bags are perfect for sweets or any small gifts you want to give to your cookie exchange. To make, you just need to:

muslin favor bags
Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
Merry & Bright graphics (or a photo/graphic of your choice) printed on size
foam brush
-work area

PRO TIP: don'T forget, you can print any text or graphic in reverse cover! Everything you print, undo, if it is the transmission of photos of it as I am.
Here are provided some of your. The Mod-hodgepodge photo-Transfer-Medium is nice because it comes with a small brush with foam.
Cut your image and place just enough, photo transfer medium, the graphic so that you can’t see it. It should be completely hidden from view, or the graphics are not properly transferred.
space down to the surface of the muslin bag and smooth – either with the hands or a brayer. The reason why you will want to don’t too much media is because they want to don’t it glopping out the sides – but like I said, it should be fully the image of cover.
attempt – you to resources elsewhere on the bag, or if it dries, you’ll be able to see it. Now, repeat with the rest of the bags and let them dry overnight. I’d say, if you have it in the afternoon, you can wash them by time for lunch the next day.
This is the fun part! You are going to transfer the photo wet. This is where people get scared and you might need a little practice – but I promise it’s easy. You’re, to transfer the photo wet enough to go, RUB the paper from the back and show the picture below!
My tips for success:

Either run the item under water or in a plastic container with water; you can use a spray bottle, but usually that isn’t enough, unless you really douse it.br>RUB lightly and carefully. If you really RUB the article, the RUB’re going to you transfer photos FROM the surface of the article. To do obviously you don’t want to. RUB just enough to remove the paper.
remove Continue wetting and rubbing on the paper. Then let the Element dry. But if you see that some is obscured, the image is still, if you are dry, you CAN use the wet Element again and RUB again.

As I already said, you’ll have a vintage/worn looking graphic on the front to your favor bags. I LOVE the result!!
I’m so excited about my cookie-exchange-party-invitations, decoration and favors. Everything went perfectly, thanks to Shutterfly!
And now I’m going to connect you with a chance of fun. I’m giving away THREE $100 gift cards to Shutterfly to use that you’ll be able to, while in 2016 for any celebration or festive, need, invitations, favors, or decor. You can even use the gift card for the next holiday or Christmas time – they never expire!
disclosure: thanks to Shutterfly to check me a replacement, your amazing products. All opinions are 100% mine. My promise to you is that I only recommend things I would use myself!

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