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Confetti coasters for your Next Party!

There are a million ways you can transform plain coasters with Mod smorgasbord – and tissue-paper confetti is one of them! These are tiles from a DIY store. Get the tutorial here.

Hello to all, to share it’s Rachel of lines, here, with you, a fun and festive confetti coasters-tutorial. There are a million ways you can transform the simple white tiles you find at Home Depot for less than a quarter with Mod conglomeration, and tissue paper is definitely a lot of fun.I know, your first question might be: “Is Mod hodgepodge waterproof?” you know, in case you want to drink a sweating on the upper side of the confetti-coasters, if you’re done. You need to click on the link click here to find out.In the meantime, you’ll love to make this project – it’s SO easy. Know how to do it below!Plain Coaster craftWhat you need:TilesMod hodgepodge brushFelt dishwasher safe tissue PaperScissorsA colorWhat you need to do:
1. Start by you can easily clean your tiles with alcohol. Cut-up pieces of tissue paper into small squares. You can also punch a circle or you can cut triangles or rectangles or really anything that you can come up with.
2. Cover your tiles with a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord. Lay the pieces of tissue paper directly on the tiles.I had fun, the different color schemes for different roller coasters. I leave some of the squares, fold over the edges. You may need to dab a little extra Mod smorgasbord on the edges when you fold them.3. Let this first layer dry another is, before you add! I learned the hard way. When I tried to add a second coat too early, it paper’ smeared a little of the tissue;s dye in the Mod-smorgasbord.When I was waiting to add a second layer, this really has to be’t the case. 4. Optional: you may also want to add a third Hand, after the second layer is completely dried. Paste felt circles, or a large felt on the under sides of the tiles, so that you won’t scratch your furniture and enjoy! I hope you enjoy my confetti coasters tutorial! If you are looking for more ideas, try these options:Trendy copper coastersDuck Band coaster vintage fabric coastersyou also have several ideas on our Mod-hodgepodge coaster roundup can. You just click on the image below to see it:

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