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Confetti candle holder on the cheap

Are you ready for the party?? Decorate simple glass candle holders with cheap confetti. Perfect for a celebration or just a fun home decor! This is also quite simple.

I love confetti – all shapes, sizes and patterns. In fact, I hoard it somehow. It was time to do two things . . . they use some of the confetti, and make a candle holder crafts.
the reason for the candle holder part of the crafting program is because I already had some on hand that I had purchased for $.99 each (I think from the dollar store? I’m pretty sure it was Dollar Tree).
basically, it was one of those times where I rooted through my stash and found some things and put them together. You know how this works!
Sometimes these types of projects are a fail, but in this case, you really lose’t have to. Stored so easy and inexpensive – you can do this, for any celebration, holiday, etc. No fancy decoupage skills required! Here’s how I made them.
Confetti candle holder
Collect These Supplies

glass votives, of any size, from the Dollar Tree
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Confetti – all colors and shapes

Wash and dry your votives before you begin. I do this with every glass, I'm decoupaging.
Select your confetti. This confetti was purchased from the dollar bins at Jo-Ann stores. I loved the color combinations!
you Get your confetti and a votive is finished. Spread some Mod-hodgepodge-down on the glass (the middle layer) . . .
. . . then sprinkle some confetti over the top. Repeat all the way around the candle holder, then dryingleave for about 10 minutes or so.br>you don’t want your second layer to the first (mostly) dry, or do you’ll only brushes with confetti and not really something.br> This is what looked the second layer. I applied more confetti, let them dry a little, then Mod hodgepodge added over the top, so it’t would fall off.
Do this with all of your votives.
And remember, with confetti, it doesn’t to “perfect.” There’s not perfect with confetti – it’s crazy and unpredictable, and it’s what we love, right?
Confetti doesn’t obey the rules, and neither do we, right?
done If you’re with your votives, let them dry completely, and cut out the floors, if you (with the scissors). Make a lot of – you’re easy and fun!
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