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Comic-book watch From a charger

This cartoon watch is the perfect gift idea for someone who loves comic books. And you won believe’t what you’s from . . . a charger!

Hi guys! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty life! I'm here today to share a fun DIY clock idea really with you, decoupaged with comic books.
This fun personalized watch, a charger, a clock kit, and decorate it with paper ephemera. This is a simple and easy gift that I think would be wonderful for everyone on your list!
Here’s What you Need:

paper ephemera
Clock kit
number plate
Mod hodgepodge Matt
- scissors
Craft knife and Mat
drill bits

The first thing you need to do is to clean your charger and dry and collect your paper-ephemera. I cartoon a Ren and Stimpy-book.
start Now cut out the comic-blocks, or paper-elements. Paint a little Mod-hodgepodge Mat on the plate and then smooth a piece of paper, on the medium, no bubbles or wrinkle smoothing.
Continue to keep building your plate with papers, layering paper on the plate with Mod-hodgepodge Mat. It’s ok, if the paper goes out of the page. We cut it later.
as soon As your charger is completely filled with paper elements and the design is as you like it, paint a layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top of everything and set them aside to dry.
Now you are ready to cut the excess paper. About flip the charger so that the back is facing upwards. You are cutting on a protected surface like a cutting Mat or Board. With your craft knife cut around the clock and cut off any excess paper and leaves a clean edge.
next, you paint your number plate. While it dries, cut your hole in the middle.
Using a drill with a drill bit the same width as the studs in the clock kit, drill a hole through the center of the charger. If the number of your plate is dry, glue it to the front of the charger, lining up the holes.
are finished, your watch, follow the instructions, you together with your clock kit to assemble.
I love how my clock turned out! I got this for my brother who loves as a child of the 90’s, Ren and Stimpy, like so many of us! This watch was really put together, and fun!
I love how easy you can get this comic-book-at only by the shape of your charger, and paper ephemera that you can use.
make it one of a kind gift for a special person on your list. I hope you will try it this year, I think you’ll love it as much as I do!
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