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Colorful Vintage-Inspired Christmas Tree

This colorful Christmas tree was inspired by a vintage palette! You will learn how to simple drop ornaments on a tree like this.

you will love setting up the Christmas tree? In my house growing up, begins the day after Thanksgiving. Not a moment before or a moment after. I have a challenge a little earlier this year, but I had a good reason – I’m participating in the Michaels makers dream tree!
The involved one of my favorite activities in the world – handmade Christmas tree decorations. Did you know that about me? I love, love, love making jewelry. It’s one of my favorite crafts of all time. Since I only get to do it once in a year, I decided to choose a fun palette.
I wanted something inspired a little more colorful but also vintage, so I researched online. And I found this palette up on Design Seeds. AND I LOVED it. To go with it So that’s what I decided to!
I took six(ish) colors from the palette and got as close as I could. And then I made some awesome ornaments!
they were REALLY easy to make. Here’s how I did it.
Vintage Inspired Christmas tree
I bought the following supplies:

glass ornaments – 6-packs of 6
FolkArt multi-surface acrylic paint – 2 bottles per tray
paper towels
rubbing alcohol (optional)

bought All of my supplies were at Michaels. NOW I’m have to be honest. Before you make your ornaments, you should rinse, clean each with alcohol and so the paint adheres properly.
I didn’t do.
This means that I ended up going back and fixing some of the ornaments. 90% of them were fine, but some touch-ups. I think if you are going to a small amount, you’re right. . . . but if you have a larger lot, you should definitely use the rubbing alcohol so that you can fixed don’t have too many errors. I’ll leave that up to you.
Now, on the production of the ornaments!
Remove the cap from each ornament and squeeze color within. Roll it around and shake it (with a paper towel to cover the top), until you coat the inside.
I am sure that you are going to ask me how much the color in the ornament, but it really depends. You simply play with and you will learn fast. You can start with less and add more if you need it.
After you fill the ornaments, you will want to dehydrate them! I used the boxes the ornaments came in and put them to drain on the head. At the same time, they were dry. It can take a few days depending on the climate, so keep that in mind!
the color of The sewer relatively quickly and the drying will take longer. If you see any areas where the color does not quite stick, repeat the process, once the ornaments are dry. Yes, you need a couple of days for this process!
as soon As you are dry, you’ll want to have boxes of beautiful ornaments that kind of look like candy, and you to you to eat – but they are made of glass, so don’t.
Instead, put it on your tree! Well, I have the silver loop on the first. I mean, vintage-inspired ornaments on, filled with silver and white balls.
At the top I have a tree-topper purchased from Michaels. It went along with the vintage feel. I LOVE it!
Then, of course, the Rock goes on, and go to the gifts below.
I LOVE my colorful vintage-inspired Christmas tree. It’s not crazy, non-traditional, but . . . me totally!
you will be inspired and start decorating your own tree? Make sure you visit her blog, Michaels', The glue string, to see the other 49 Michaels Makers dream holiday trees that were created this year. You are at the bottom of this post!
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