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Colorful Geometric Frame With Tissue Paper

This tissue-paper frame is perfect for whipping up quickly and add color to your home. So easy even a child can use it!

Hello! This is Holly from the Club-Designed with a really simple DIY decoupage for the production of a geometric fabric, paper, frame with small pieces of triangle tissue shaped paper layered together like a collage.(get more picture frame ideas here!)This is to whip up a simple project, in addition to some color in your home. With the classic Mod smorgasbord and a variety of colored tissue paper, I was on a very cheap frame, so that it looks like something new and special.this frame is on our shelf and I love the added pop of color to our neutral colored office.DIY Tissue paper frame
Collect These Supplies:Plain photo frame variety of colors of tissue paperScissorsMod hodgepodge gloss paint brushstep 1: Remove the support and the glass from the frame, so that only the wood (or plastic or metal) part. step 2: Cut the colored tissue paper into small triangles. I found that the easiest way to do this is to quickly cut strips of tissue paper about 1.5 cm wide and then cut several triangles out of them, they all seem to be slightly different proportions, but still the same size. It doesn't have to be perfect!step 3: Paint a layer of Mod hodgepodge gloss on a section of the frame, starting at one corner. Place a cut piece of tissue paper over it and press it in place.Repeat with more pieces, layering on top of each other easily and the lining, edges, and the front of the frame. It is OK to show much of the original frame, or completely cover – the choice is yours! step 4: Repeat this process all the way around the frame, painting, Mod smorgasbord on a section at a time so that the glue does not dry before you finish.step 5: Once the pattern is completely dry, paint a layer of Mod hodgepodge over the entire image to seal the tissue paper and let you. Once dry, you can pop the glass, the photo and the location to place the display in your home. This would also be a nice gift if you want to give someone a photo in a homemade frame! you're wondering what else you can do with the cheap wood picture frame? You just click on the image below for tons of ideas!

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