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Colorful Confetti DIY gift bags Sparkle

you Create these unique DIY gift bags with your favorite Mod hodgepodge formula and sparkly confetti. This is perfect for gift wrapping on a budget! Not only that, but they make great favor bags for parties. So versatile isskills: Not Required. If you’ve never worked in your life, you’ll be able to do this as a DIY-gift-bag. Even young children this can!scroll to the bottom to get in the direction of the bottom of the post, a video of the bonus ideas for gift and favor bags that you can try, once you’ve completed this project. You’ll never buy the goodie bags again, as soon as you see it, trust me!

gift bags are a great way to wrap Christmas gifts . . . but they can be expensive, can't you? I love unique gift wrapping ideas that don’t break the bank.I came up with a simple and inexpensive way to give a gift in a gift bag . . .  that is still fun and festive. . .  just add a little confetti! Sparkle always works, around Christmas time, right? These DIY gift bags with glittery, colorful confetti supply definitely.you have plain gift bags can get at the craft store a lot cheaper than the desire to leave in the stores. I took this simple white paper bags at three for a dollar . . . but each level, white gift bags will work.
Want to see how this sparkly gift bags? It is really simple!Collect How to make a gift bagaPlain gift bagsConfettiMod hodgepodge gloss or Satin formula brush paint brush on a broad, thick strip of decoupage medium over the front of the bag.Sprinkle the colorful confetti, and shake off excess. This has the potential to be a chaotic process . . . but just you wait, it's worth it!To minimize the mess, have a tray or trash can to catch close to all of the lots of confetti, so that you’ll be able to use it again for a different project. Once the decoupage is dry, brush another layer of Mod smorgasbord on the confetti to seal it down.Allow the bag to dry, and fill it with a gift for the holidays! With the confetti, the one I used, this would also be a good way to wrap a hostess gift around new year's eve, too! I plan to use this simple paper gift bags, wine bags for hostess gifts in the coming month.fun, easy, and sparkly . . . my kind of wrapping paper!Are you ready to get your DIY-gift-bag skills to the next level? Simply press “PLAY” in the middle of the video below, with some additional ideas with Mod-hodgepodge:

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