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Colorful 3D gemstones-DIY-Cocktail-stirrer

Get ready for the holidays, or simply add to your bar cart decor with these fun and colorful gem DIY cocktail stirrer! So easy to make.

Hello there! Holly here from the Club-Designed with a DIY set up car, they add a homemade touch to a party or just to your bar.
This 3D gem DIY cocktail stirrer will melt with Mod-and-an-ice-cube-Form, and not only that, they help you whip up a drink, but they will help you determine what drink you, if you make, each one is unique. With Mod Melts and color, this bar must come accessories, very quickly!
3D-gem DIY Cocktail stirrer
Collect These Supplies

Mod Melter glue gun
Mod-melt glue sticks, Clear white
3D-gemstone shape
, stir sticks

step 1: Heat the Mod Melt gun and slowly dispense the glue on the inside of the gemstone shape. To fill, go slowly and be sure, in every crevice, tapping to settle the shape on a hard surface every few minutes, the glue.
step 2: Continue until the mould is full. Set aside for several minutes, until the top is very sticky, but not liquid. Then insert a plastic stir stick in the center of the gem-Form.
Note that you can dried with clothes pegs keep the sticks in place while the glue! This will prevent you from falling to an angle when drying.
step 3: you should feel After about 30 minutes the top is completely dry and hardened. Carefully remove from the Form.
step 4: Paint at least two coats of paint on the Mod part of the drink Melts, let the stirrer and allow to dry. To reduce for best results, spray a waterproofing paint over the color, the potential for chipping over time.
to use your cocktail stirrers are ready! You can use these again, as long as you hand wash the plastic stick part thoroughly between applications. They are useful, but you will alsodid you Know you can use the same gem to make the Form of jewelry? Get the instructions in this post on DIY glitter Mod Melts gemstone rings!

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