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Coca-Cola bottle Santa and elves gift!

Dress up some coke bottles with this fun Santa and elves gift! A perfect gift idea for a neighbor; easy to make with this free template.
Are you ready for the Christmas?! It seems to come more quickly every year. I feel like I’m always behind, as I’m sure that many of you do too! You know who I appreciate? The people who are always at the beginning of each year of all in your life something special.
look ruthless and endlessly to ensure that people have a good time! For me “unsung heroes” is my mother:
Me as a nugget – mom’s on the right-hand side
you’s the woman the always made sure that she had me and my four younger brothers (even when times were hard and money was tight) always a little something under the tree. She has needed a craft, and wore old clothes, and instead sacrificed things for themselves.
And she hasThe Giving Tree was an event organized by a local aid organization, when we were growing up in Louisville, Kentucky. You put a big tree in the mall and on the tree the names of the children were in distress. Every year we would go to the giving tree, choose a name, and the list of the child who are less fortunate than we are.
We would be granted to us to acquire some money (and sometimes our own), the things on the child’s list: coats, gloves, shoes, school stuff. . . . and even some in-game stuff as well! I thought it was a wonderful way to celebrate the true meaning of the season, and we have it every year.
That’s the kind of woman that is my mother.
And to celebrate, my hero, I got you a little something special this year. You see, I know that my mom’s favorite desserts is float a Coke! So I bought her a few Share-a-Coke-bottles with YOUR name and a few sweet messages to show my appreciation for who she is and what she has done for me over the years!
I chose three personalized messages: Karen (your name), “the best mom ever!!!” and “my mother, my hero.” I ordered this from the Share-a-Coke website.
And then I took it up a notch!
My mother is the one who taught us to be creative, so I decided to dress myself, my bottles for you! I know that you’s, to be tickled. I have these little Santa and elf costumes for my Coca-Cola bottles, and this is how I’m to my gift. If she takes off the costumes, you’ll see the fun-messages revealed!
I’d love for YOU to have something special for the unsung heroes that present in your life and create costumes for the bottles, as a gift, just as I did. So here’s the tutorial! I’ve also got the FREE templates you use to create them. This is a very simple project, even if you’ve never worked in your life.
Collect These Supplies

Felt – a sheet of white, a sheet of red, the other sheet of gold, five leaves dark green, two sheets of light green
Santa and the elf-costume-template – this template makes an elf and a Santa (print additional copies for additional elves)
Double stick tape
print a hot glue gun and glue sticks
embellishments such as buttons and pom-poms for the coats/tops of the hats

step: the number of copies you need, and prepare your supplies.
step Two: cut the individual parts of the costume. Double-adhesive tape on the felt and cut out. You can remove the template (and double-sided tape), if you’re done.
step Three: next you cut all your parts. Each elf will buckle: two mantle-pieces, a waist band, a belt, two pieces, and four hat-band-piece (two stripes on the hat, two of the real hat-bands). Each Santa Claus: a main piece, a mustache-piece, two-pieces, and two hat beard band-pieces.
step Four: hot glue everything together. Here’s how you’ll do it!

Elf coat – hot glue down the sides and on the sleeves. Hot glue the shoulders must be easy on each edge, but don’t glue on the top or bottom – bottle will fit through this hole. Stick the belt through the center of the shell and the little belt buckle on top of it (be careful with the small pieces don't burn your fingers!).
Elf hat – glue the triangles together on two sides, but not on the ground. Glue the light green hat bands Diagonal to the strip; glue the two red hat-bands, on the bottom of the two pages.
Santa has – glue the triangles together on two sides, but not on the ground. Glue the two white hat-bands, on the bottom of the two pages.
Santa beard – glue the mustache to the top of the beard piece. Attach to create the strap on the back of a circle.

put on as soon As you’ve all the pieces that you add’ll find buttons and beautify the front of your elf costumes. You could also do this with mini-rhinestones or anything you want.
Don’t forget the pom poms!
I’m willing to gift my Share-a-Coke-bottles on my mother. I can wait’t to see what she thinks! I hope that you’ll have to do some of the Share-a-Coke-bottles for a special person in your life and make these costumes also.
disclosure: The Coca-Cola Company, in partnership with bloggers such as me for their share a coke program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. This prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this campaign.

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