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Coastal Autumn Decor: Sand Pumpkins

This sand-pumpkins are EASY to make and perfect for adding to a coastal autumn decor display! So simple that even kids can help.
Hey, everyone! It’s almost fall, yay!
So . . . I’ve been getting the house ready for the autumn with a couple of unique DIY pumpkins. I have a slightly different view on the fall; I decorate my house with fall coastal style. I twist pumpkins mixed with shells, etc., so, every year I make a new pumpkin version with a coastal. This year I decided to add a sand-covered pumpkin in the mix!
Many of you go on vacation to the beach during the summer, and some you save, maybe even some sand from the trip as a souvenir. This is a great way, some of the sand on which you saved! A lot of people think that sand is not just in the summer, but the truth is that coastal autumn decor is more popular than ever (for Christmas!)
Three Simple steps
you’re going to be this easy coastal autumn decor in three easy steps! These are so easy that even kids can help. If you pick up a brush and sprinkle sand, you’ll be able to afford this. To do here’s what you’re:

you Paint the trunk
Insert Mod hotchpotch
Add sand

We’ll in the details below, but I think you can handle it, don’t you?
to Add More Sand
Before I dive into the tutorial, the add I would like to raise, more sand, because it’s the only potential Problem you might run into. You can definitely add more sand to the project, and you can even Podged to do it on a part of the pumpkin already.
What you need to keep in mind is that the layers of Mod need to be hodgepodge, relatively thin, if you add them to the surface of the pumpkin. It’s better, the use of thin layers, as a lump on the smorgasbord . . . because of the hodgepodge to dry in bunches, and it will be noticeable.
My suggestion is to complete the project by a thin layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to about 1/4 of a (small) pumpkin, and then sprinkle the sand. Repeat 1/4 of the pumpkin at a time, until the whole is covered. When everything is dry, you’ know;ll, if you need more sand to add.
read more and get the tutorial!
coastal autumn decor: Sand-pumpkins
Collect These Supplies

Fake pumpkin
Acyclic paint (for the stem)
Matt Mod hotchpotch

First steps
I rounded up my supplies for the crafts!!! I had a great pumpkin foam on the hand I was super excited. You can also use a paper mache pumpkin, a piece of wood, pumpkin or similar. The only thing you might want to check, is base coating your pumpkin with white, if it’s not.

step 1 – Paint the trunk
you Pull the foam, derived from the pumpkin and paint it the color of your choice. I took the pretty blue and brown colors. I painted the stem and let them dry for a few minutes.

step 2 – Add Mod-hodgepodge
I easily covered the pumpkin with my Mod collection and then sprinkled my sand at the top. The biggest tip is not to “glob” to your Mod collection. This is because if the Mod smorgasbord is too thick, then when you add your sand, it will look inconsistent and difficult to in the points.

step 3 – Sprinkle the Sand
Sprinkle the sand on top of the wet Mod-hodgepodge. Work your way around the pumpkin until it’s completely covered. I leave the pumpkin to dry completely for two hours. Once it was dry, I put another layer of sand added to the pumpkin.

as soon As your Mod hodgepodge dry, you’re ready for display!!
As you can see, this is a pretty simple project. I love my coastal fall decorations, and I can always use a bit of summer with me into fall It’s a simple pumpkin craft, but I think it turned out pretty cute! They would decorate, fall is the pumpkins in this way?
This sand pumpkin would look fabulous with our nautical pumpkin craft. You will learn how to be it by clicking on the image below:

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