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Christmas Table Decorations With Wooden Spools

Christmas table decorations take on a new twist with this vintage wooden spool trio! It’s such a unique holiday project with beautiful results.

Hello, Mod hodgepodge of fans! My name is Jill Cornell, and I am very excited to share some cute Christmas-table-decorations – a vintage wooden spool trio – today with all of you. I love the collection of vintage wooden spools in a variety of sizes.cheap Christmas decorationIt is an exciting treasure for me in antique stores. And I would like the challenge of projects supplied create with them incorporating my paper crafting! Especially if it’s with a small budget. I call it “cheap” but the look is definitely’t.Rather than use a dowel to hold my design in the coil I had some paper straws leftover from Halloween that perfectly matched the Kringle & co. collection of American Crafts (the sequins are very thick, so it works very well to hold something bulky on top).is My point, look at what you have around your home, you can incorporate them into holiday decor. A whole bunch of these for unique Christmas table decoration that no one expected!wooden Spool Christmas DecorCollect These SuppliesMatt Mod PodgeVintage wood spoolsStriped paper straw American crafts Kringle & co. collection patterned paper, die-cuts, stickers, ribbon Webster's pages Royal Christmas collection cameo other ornaments – Sticker, flower, stick pin, jewel Ranger Stickles glitter glueHot glue gunVellumThreadScrap particleboard1) Cut strips of patterned paper to fit around wooden spools. The Mod-hodgepodge apply and coils keep. Also, draw a circle to fit the top of the coil and hold it.
2) Apply Mod hodgepodge as a sealer to the patterned paper and insert straw. 3) Apply the Mod-pick-and-mix as a sealant on the cuts and drying. Back cut a small piece of scrap chipboard and hold the die-cut with hot glue (the cardboard gives it extra strength). Highlight the gloss of the image with glitter glue. 4) hot glue sequins on the back of the cuts and insert straws in spools. 5) For large centerpiece of trio, cut a piece of chipboard to 4" and sandwich between piece of red patterned paper and vellum. Machine Sewing. Cut a block of green patterned paper, machine stitching and gluing. Cut, cream/black patterned paper block, machine sewing and bonding. Seal piece with Mod-smorgasbord. 6) Embellish as shown with stickers, die-stones cut, cameos and precious. 7) straw hot glue the piece and place it in the spool. Spring flower apply with stickpin. Band glitter Band, all three straws. And there you have it . . . Legal fast and easy, Christmas table decoration that would look cute as a centerpiece for a special holiday meal, but also look fantastic on a Christmas coat!
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