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Chinese New Year Mason Jar Lanterns

Turn regular mason jars into a fun Chinese New Year crafts with fabric, paper, paint, and Mod-hodgepodge. These mason jar lanterns are perfect for a themed party!
Are you familiar with the Chinese New year? If you’re not, it’s “celebrated an important Chinese festival, at the turn of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar.” It’s also a time to honor their ancestors in Asian countries. 2016 is the year of the monkey, and the Chinese new year is from the 8. February – 22.
This year I’ I;m celebrating with a fun Chinese New Year crafts – mason jar lanterns – and some delicious Asian cuisine in the styles of Tai Pei!
Chinese New year is a chance to celebrate with friends and want to “lucky” for the coming year. It’s also a possibility to eat some TASTY Chinese food (one of my favorites).
This mason jar is the perfect centerpiece for your Asian-themed celebrations are lanterns. And to make you aren’t hard with Mod-hodgepodge. Here’s how you do it!

Chinese Mason Jar lanterns
Collect These Supplies

Mason jars – two
Mod hodgepodge gloss
Red tissue paper
acrylic paint – gold and black
Gold paint pen
Black marker (like a Sharpie)to fill
stencil brush
template or painter’s tape
Black (or red or gold) - sand around the base of their glasses
LED candles

Cut a strip of red tissue paper, so that it fits around the center (flat part) of the mason jar, make sure it overlaps at the back. To paste, use the decoupage medium to the paper in the middle of the glass – put some at the bottom and then wrap the tissue paper then decoupage over the top.
you may have some wrinkles, but it’s fine – smooth carefully, and you should only have a few. Repeat with the second vessel, and let very to dry before the next step.
site of the painter’s tape to the glass directly to the red tissue paper (top and bottom). Paint several layers of gold paint, until the glass is completely covered.
If you have some Mod-smorgasbord on the glass above or below the tissue paper, Yes – you can paint! Let the gold paint dry.
Use a stencil brush in a little “dry brush” on any black color, top and bottom. If you’re wondering what dry brushing is, it means to remove most of the paint from the stencil brush and then scrub the paint and back (easily). If you find you have too much color was to wipe it before it dries with a paper towel.
The last step in this Chinese New Year craft could be the most difficult, but it’s actually quite simple. I saw some Chinese symbols online (such as “lucky”) and freehand she pulled on all four sides of the mason jars with gold paint pen.
Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to be really accurate Chinese symbols. These are just for fun. I firmly believe in the philosophy of “try your best!” Then you draw with the Golden color of the pen, sketch a few parts of the symbol with a black Sharpie.
place a little sand in the bottom and black is a LED light at the tip. If you are using LED lights, you can put the lid on – if you are using tea lights (real), just screw on the jar rim and the lid.
Aren’t the lanterns beautiful? I’m so happy with them! They are a perfect addition to your Chinese New Year party.
And what else is a perfect addition to your Chinese New Year party? Tai Pei appetizers, and snacks! Tai Pei has a number of delicious Chinese restaurant-inspired dishes to prepare is easy and convenient to serve.
For our party we decided to snack on a single-serve appetizer and then an entree. Steve and I have our favorites. I opted for the chicken Fried rice – chicken, vegetable and fried rice in oyster sauce.
Steve chose the chicken-and-Egg sandwiches that are tasty chicken and vegetables with a delicious dipping sauce. I loved how easy it is to heat the items lasted in their own Container, and it was only a few minutes.
Both of the choices were loaded with flavor and delicious! To say it’s hard, on whose choice was better . . . I think either would be perfect for a party.
I hope you enjoy it – and Happy Chinese New year!
This is a sponsored conversation by me on behalf of Tai-Pei. The opinions and text are all mine.

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