Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

Chandelier and Wallpaper pendants

To do in search of things, with the chandelier crystals? You will learn how to turn in the trailer! You make such beautiful jewelry.

I’ve said before that Mitzi is one of the most brilliant Mod Podgers of all time. This is just another example of your decoupaging brilliance! She sees the potential in everything, and this time it’s is a plain ol’ chandelier.
Sure, you could give it to the goodwill . . . or, they could be recycled crystal drops in chains, that's exactly what she did. Grab your Mod collection and vintage Wallpaper (or even just regular scrapbook paper, but I like that Mitzi used Wallpaper) and some really pretty pendants.
you Can get this string with other beads or even on tapes. Mitzi has a lot of images on your blog that you need to see. So you pay a visit to, and then get decoupaging!
chandelier crystal and vintage Wallpaper pendant tutorial at Mitzi’s Miscellany

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