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Chalk Paint Mason jars with succulents

Learn how to paint with chalk mason jars with succulents for spring. Perfect for the kitchen window sill, or a seasonal coat!

I’ve been so excited to get started on some spring crafts for the house. I've sent a TON of succulents to me and I’ve been dying to see a short project with them. I have a fairly wide ledge on my kitchen window seal and I thought you would be perfect.
Plus I love using mason jars when crafting, you are simply the BEST!!!
Chalk Paint Mason Jars
Collect These Supplies

Mason Jar
Chalk Paint
chalk-Finish Mod hotchpotch
Dry foam
succulents – artificial

step 1 – color Mason Jar
get some of your favorite colors and paint your mason jars. I decided to add a strip of color in the center of the glass for a little extra momentum! (There are also my two favorite colors are!)

step 2 – seal Mason Jar with chalk Ready
next, I desperately the glass with some light sanding paper. Then I covered the glass with some Ultra-Matte chalk Finish to seal my color in.

step 3 – Add the Glitter
Now is my favorite part!!!! Glitter to add! I wanted this craft a little something extra, so I decided to add some glitter on the lid. I covered the entire lid with my Mod collection and sprinkled my glitter on top. To dry for 20 minutes.

step 4 – Add succulents
Now you’s our succulents! I have a piece of dry foam and cut it to fit the inside of the jar. Then I got some moss for the mid-and even my succulents! The dry foam works great and was made to slide so just the succulents in.

I think this DIY mason jar succulents are great, a perfect touch of spring to the house. Next, I would like to a few nautical ones for summer!

I hope you had today’s fast and easy with chalk mason jars to paint!! I can wait’t to have the house ready for the spring. To feel I’m in North Carolina and it’s really starting to like spring here. The flowers are in bloom popping up all over the place and trees!!
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