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Carnival Ticket bowl with Glitter Glitter - Mod collection rocks

DIY carnival ticket bowl is so easy to make! Mod smorgasbord of causes that it will hold its shape and harden into a usable bowl – ideal for parties or home decor.

I’m not going to do the first person, a ticket dish. The thing is, I’m fascinated by them, and I had one for me. Then I have a special little touch with FolkArt Extreme Glitter.My ticket in the bowl reminds me of Xanadu with stars and glitter – at least the Mod-smorgasbord version. But without Olivia Newton-John. If you are a beginner, this DIY carnival bowl is a great project, so pay close attention to these simple instructions.DIY bowl out of a Ticket RollCollect This
Ticket roll hard coat Mod PodgeFolkArt Extreme Glitter (I hologram)PaintbrushFelt – small square craft glueScissors
ticket rolls are the new crafting trend, so I had to buy about a million on eBay. They are so cheap! press the Start key of the ticket-roll in one direction. This part is really funny and not at all difficult. Is it a bowl or a Devo? Or both. Once you have your bowl to the shape you want, sprinkle it with several layers of Hard coating Mod smorgasbord. It will seep into the cracks and crevices between the cards will take care of, so that you don’t.I have two layers on the outside, then she turned over the bowl and has two coats on the inside. Let dry. cover I glued a small circle of felt (I just have to happen, "matching") on the bottom of the hole. It was that I decided to coat the outside with Extreme glitter. I have only one coat and look how glittery it is: you Allow the glitter to dry and you’re finished. Isn’t the finish amazing? I’m super off happy with my ticket, bowl and am now, a ton of them.
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