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Buttoned Up Easy bird feeder crafts for kids

This easy birdhouse craft is a great craft for children. It will keep you busy with your children this summer – and the colorful buttons are so much fun!
skills: Not Required. Kids can easily paint and decorate this bird house any way you want. The parents can enjoy, to suggest this craft – I think of it as a fun family activity!
Howdy! I’m Justine from the Sew Country Chick blog and today I’m sharing have a simple and fun easy bird feeder craft you can shop with your children with Mod pick-and-mix washout, Apple Barrel paint, buttons, and inexpensive mini birdhouses from the hobby.
My girls decoupage -   love;projects – what child doesn’t? Mod patchwork rivets for children, it is perfect to clean because it’s easy to after your child is a giant mess of power.
And if you have fun, you probably will! MP-leaching is machine washable, and you don’t even need to pre-soak.
And then there's Apple Barrel in color – it’versatile, all-purpose acrylic craft paint comes in tons of colors. You can clean it with soap and water when wet.
And that is what we have for our cute bird houses. Do you want to know how they were made?

bird feeder crafts for kids
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge leaching formula
Apple Barrel paint in bright spring colors
2 packages of colored buttons from the craft store
5 mini-birdhouses from the craft store

Paint the birdhouse with two coats of the color of each.
After my girls paint were done, I must admit that I touched you a little. Sometimes I can’t control myself. Plus, you missed some spots, so I was just helping!

is Once the birdhouse is dry, paint a small section with Mod hodgepodge Bust and have your child glue on the colorful buttons. If the keys are dry, you can put another layer of Mod-hodgepodge of paint to seal the birdhouses.
go Now, others in the garden (you can! sealing with a layer of Mod conglomeration of the Free, if you wish), a wreath, or nailed you to a tree You’d even great Christmas ornaments if you leave paints and colors. Thanks for having me today Amy!
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You can make your Own cardboard Frames, the Cheap way
Decorate a chair made of wood with paper Mod conglomeration of rocks
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