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Flowers-DIY chalkboard From an Old frame

Have you ever heard of white chalkboard paint? It’s amazing! This DIY chalk board from an old picture frame and accented with flowers.

What do you do with a simple white, framed piece of wood that you find randomly at work? I don’t know about you, but I make it a chalk board!
Then I, polka dots and flowers add, until I can barely see straight. Then I hang it on the wall and admire my work. You can do the same.
Here’s how to a piece of wood in a DIY chalk-board, and embellish it with tons of fun with flowers. Whee!
DIY chalk Board
Collect These Supplies

to make the Big white thing is a panel (frame)
Mod hodgepodge of Shine and Mod patchwork fabric
FolkArt acrylic paint – Jamaican sea, wicker White, Yellow Citron
FolkArt chalkboard Paint – White
fabric pieces – I used Brenda Pinnick’s line Couleur Vie in Abstract Blue/Light Blue, and some of the additional teal fabric scraps that I had
Sizzix Big Shot and the following dies – flower layers with leaf, flower 3-D
Felt pieces – turquoise and yellow
Prima flowers – the coordination of the
keys – the coordination of the
craft glue

Here’s the junky board before I started. The poor thing needs some help, don’t you think? At least it’ framed;s. I wonder what it used to be.
I touched it first, until the entire frame with basket-White-mesh, to get rid of the banged-up look. Let it dry, then paint the outside of the frame with Yellow Citron. You’ll need to be running to observe a plurality of layers, so you might want old Patridge family back on TV while you work.
While you wait, prepare your fabric with decoupage medium. Place your fabric on a non-stick surface (wax paper works great) and spread a medium layer of fabric Mod smorgasbord of over the top with a brush.
let it Dry and then you’ll be ready to run it through your die cutting machine. To prevent the fabric Mod hodgepodge actually fraying of the fabric when cutting helps. Isn’t that special? Set them aside for a bit.
PS – Have you noticed my nail varnish has gone away? My fingers got struck in this board. That’s pretty typical. Manicure + Craft = Disaster.
Paint the inside of your framed piece with White chalkboard paint. It takes about three coats for full opacity. It’s very thick; this is normal. Let dry.
Using the end of a paintbrush and Jamaican sea-to-polka-dot-frame. Let dry.
After the frame is completely dry, coat with Mod hodgepodge Shine. Do NOT get paint Mod smorgasbord on the table, or it will ruin the properties and you won&to write#8217;t be able to be there. Allow the decoupage to dry.
Cut your flowers with your Sizzix and dies. The Flowers 3-D by Beth Reames is very, very funny.
pattern, you can bloom rolling around on a stick, a 3-D. I know that makes no sense, but you can see the results on the finished project. Cool, isn't it?
I cut out several flowers with my Sizzix and then layered with my Prima flowers. I have cut both fabric and felt flowers, and then glued it all together (and added buttons for good measure). Use different sizes and materials. The finished project makes it even more interesting.
Here’s a detail photo of the finished DIY chalk Board! I’m very happy with the bright green and blue green tones, and I know that my friend LollyChops be (she loves these colors).
you’s also the one who introduced me to the flowers in 3-D, that you die, this project is in honor of her. Thanks Lolls! xo
What I love about white Board paint that you write it in any color and it looks cool! The bright colored chalk really pop. You would make a DIY chalkboard from a frame? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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