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Up your Crafting game with These tips-coasters

Shred materials to make a cool effect on the surface of this decoupage lace coasters. Learn how to do this in a few simple steps.
We all have that huge stash of scrap fabrics tucked away in our closets right? Bit of lace here, a bit there calico . . . everything saved, because they “could” do you want it someday.
These DIY coasters are a great project to use some of this fabric. Don’t let it sit in the drawers and more! Time to it from the bust and make something fantastic.
This Mod patchwork coasters make great gifts, and they are REALLY inexpensive. As long as it was only released with Mod-hodgepodge luster in this project, dishwasher-safe Mod hodgepodge, since the quote was and makes a good option for sealing these coasters and make them waterproof!
While you still can’t wash them in the dishwasher, it will be great for the deflection of moisture. Get our tutorial below!

Simply top-of-the coasters
you need:

Mod hodgepodge gloss
sponge paint brush
- scissors
lace fabric or other fabric scraps

you Cut a piece from your fabric that’s close to the size of the coaster.
apply a generous layer of Mod hodgepodge on the surface.
you Lay your fabric on the roller coaster. More Mod-hodgepodge, to the top of the top. You do this by dabbing the brush sponge up and down to avoid pulling the tip off the roller coaster.
you have to Wait an hour or so, for the Mod-pick-and-mix to dry slightly. It doesn’t need to be completely dry, just enough for the tip to be sure. Cut the excess lace around the edge of the coaster.
I love the simplicity and sophistication of these pretties. So easy to make, but you make a strong statement on your coffee table.
If you want to close to you, use Minwax Polycrylic brush-on or something clear and similar. This will help to resist the heat and make the Mod-hodgepodge gloss (or Mod hodgepodge dishwasher) even more durable. Done!

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