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Big Box DIY advent calendar on a canvas

I wanted a DIY advent calendar that would be a big statement, so I made this on a big screen. Kids will love this for Christmas!

I’m so excited to share this DIY advent calendar with you today! Recently, I have a passel of papier-mache boxes from AC Moore. I don’t use paper do so much, and now I’I ask m why because it paints and decoupages wonderful.
Anyhoo, I put my boxes on a table, thinking about what to do with them – then it came to me. DIY advent calendar! Sometimes crafty ideas just land in your brain, and that’s exactly what happened. I can honestly say that this is done one of the most beautiful projects I’ve ever been.
read on to see how I decoupaged and the display of more images. I’s caught in the holiday magic, what can I say?
DIY advent calendar
Collect These Supplies

Big screen – 30″ x 40″
papier mache boxes – 25 in various sizes, mine are from AC Moore. They come in a great sets!
Mod hodgepodge gloss
FolkArt acrylic paint – Asphaltum, Grass Green, Pink, Red, Velvet, Yellow Citron
Christmas scrapbook paper, enough to Die all your boxes
Cardstock in matching colors
-cutting machine (to cut your numbers, or you can buy the figures of the pre-cut/sticker)
Prima Christmas star
wood or chipboard circles – different sizes
Strass – red and brown
keys – pink and brown
brush – multiple sizes
craft glue
hot glue gun
Craft knife and Mat
Mini sticky notes (optional)

First of all, you have to cover a big canvas! What I suggest is, your FolkArt paint (I used Yellow Citron), and create a Laundry. To do this, pour some paint in a bowl and add water until it’s soupy.
you Paint the entire canvas with several layers. If you do this, you’ll find only two bottles of color, instead of ten. The canvas to dry.
Set your canvas on a table and was made up of 25 boxes. At this point, you need to layout, and then a picture of him decide, so that you can remember where each box goes.
Let me tell you that I almost fell from a ladder taking this photo. Photos please of your DIY advent calendar boxes at your own risk.
Put your papers on the top of the carton, cut small pieces for the smaller boxes. Arrange the papers so that no two are the same, are right next to each other.
I would estimate that I remember about 12 sheet of scrapbook paper – that the smaller boxes only use small pieces, so you can use the chips for.
This next step will take some time, so pleased with your favorite Christmas movie. For every piece of paper, put the lid down on the back and trace with a pencil. Run a lid at once.
to Use to cut your ruler and utility knife to fit each and every sheet of paper in the lid. Work through all 25 boxes and then clean up her big paper mess. Or if you are like me, don’t clean up until paper is everywhere and it takes twice as long to clean up.
Decide what color you color, any box. This is where the mini sticky notes come in handy. I wrote the color for each box on a note, put it on the top and then checked to ensure that I didn’t all the pink boxes right next to each other. I made a few adjustments on color selection after I put the whole thing.
Once you’ve their decisions, paint the boxes. You don’t have to paint the whole top of the lid, but the color of the inner side, so that it’s pretty when you open it. I’m watching you. I want to know, if you don’t do it! Paint all the boxes and leave to dry.
Decoupage the papers down on the tops of the boxes. Work one box at a time. Spread a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the top of the box, and then smoothing the paper carefully.
A brayer, and it helps a lot in this situation. Wipe Mod hodgepodge that comes out of the sides of the paper with the brush. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
Mod-hodgepodge the lid ALL the boxes at the top of the paper, then the cut itself. I wouldn’t Mod-hodgepodge for the inside pages, because it’s really not necessary.
I wanted to show you what Makes this close-up of the fun memories Noel paper on cardboard #25 – isn’t it great? Your DIY advent calendar is getting closer!
Paint your wood or chipboard circles with the coordination of the colors. Why did I add the circles? The boxes are a bit of interest and texture, but also a place to the numbers on the boxes with busier patterns. You can allow your circles to dry and then Mod smorgasbord of them.
Use craft glue to add ribbon to some of the boxes. Again, add interest. Not all fields need to tape, only some of them. I added tape over the roofs of a few lids as well. Allow to dry the tape.
I had a great time with this part. I have a die cutting machine to cut out the numbers for my boxes . . . in different sizes! I love the punch – it’s fun.
tip: If you don’t have to use a fancy machine, clipart to cut out the numbers, or buy them as stickers in the scrapbook section of the craft store.
place a bit of Mod smorgasbord on the middle of each box (or wherever you're placing the numbers) and put the numbers down. Mod smorgasbord of over the top and let them dry. You can get creative with their placement. As you can see, I’t put everything in the middle.
you are about to get serious with some hot glue. I have several large sticks to glue all of the boxes down. If you have to remember a hard time, where the boxes go, remember that you took a photo at the very beginning of this project, so that should help.
Some of the boxes deserve some floral embellishments. That’s, where the craft glue and Prima flowers come in. The small container that I also bought some sheets – had; perfectly.
Add rhinestones and buttons, if desired, with your craft glue and let the entire calendar dry.
you can have fun, where they have this advent calendar and all the things you put into it. That’s why the boxes are large and some are small. Candy can be used in the smaller boxes and fun gift items in the larger boxes. #25 is the largest box for this reason!

would you like To see a few more shots? Here’s a detail picture of my DIY advent calendar, and then me, a surprise in the box #14. Happy Holidays!

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