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Farmhouse Christmas style characters in Four Easy steps

This unique plaid deer Christmas sign is perfect with your farmhouse holiday decor! This DIY-Christmas-characters is done in four EASY steps. I’ve been wanting a farmhouse-inspired, the characters for a while now. I just report it to a “Thank you”, and since I had to cut extra wood, I decided to make a Christmas sign.This deer head characters are so popular right now, I have also made “Faux” deer-head-characters in the last year with scrapbook paper. So this year I decided to have a different take on the deer head sign and give it a farmhouse look!farmhouse Christmas charactersCollect These SuppliesMod hodgepodge Matt woodstain plaid scrapbook paper, sand paper, paint stencilFirst stepsI had some extra pieces of 12×12 wood leftover from another project. I found the perfect plaid scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby. I’m seriously obsessed and have several Christmas projects.Let’s get crafting!! step 1 – Cut out deer headI found the perfect deer head shape in my Silhouette library. I think they have 5 different, and I cut it on a blade setting of 3. step 2 – Add a deer headSince my wood was already painted, all I had to do the Mod-hodgepodge was the deer head down. I have my “loyal” Matt Mod hodgepodge and added it to the back of the deer's head.I decided not to have the front cover of the deer head for this project with Mod-hodgepodge. Also, make sure you flatten it with your Finger to prevent wrinkles. step 3 – Add a frame:Now for the fun part . . . to add our part to this character!I found some wood at Lowes (I think like $3.00) and cut it to fit my wood. Once the wood was cut, I added a layer of stain. Then I have my “handy dandy” nail gun to add the frame to the wood. cutturned out I am so HAPPY with it!! Seriously!!!! I think it’s in my top 5 favorite posts for this year. I plan definitely to some of the other characters, as for the house, as soon as possible! Plus, this was a pretty cheap project to, and quickly. This Christmas sign would be a great gift idea for the holidays. Heck, I would love to get you personalized gift such as this! you have any kind of scrapbook paper for a rustic Christmas sign-project>or cut of any shape. Maybe a snow flake or snow man?!?If you guys are even more crafting inspiration, you want to be sure and sign up for my newsletter! It’s the best at what I do.

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