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Baseball-card-themed-DIY side table

David takes a unique furniture project: a baseball-theme-DIY-end-table. He used simple supplies from the hardware store – you can do it too!
I have the burning desire to have my own table, which is why I was really like man David Podger’s DIY side table project this week. I’m still amazed that you can go to the hardware store and buy the supplies to make furniture.
I know that’s probably funny to some of you, the build-up, but I’m so afraid to do it yourself. That’s where the man Podgerscome!br>If you are like me, David’s project to help you build the confidence, self-something – this is a great “at the beginning of generator” project. You hold to learn directly from David how to create a table.

I used to get frustrated with the people who were always doing projects with "this old piece of Wallpaper/wood/fabric/etc I had lying around."
I never had lying around an old piece of something, but for now, I have one of those people – some of them are a late development Hoarding syndrome call it; I think prefer to of it as a dedicated recycler.
Anyway, my buddy wanted to cave some baseball themed tables for his man-and I thought it would be fun to do an affordable project, and to share.
somehow, lurking in the corners of my garage (with the spiders – seriously, it's like a science-fiction movie in there), but I assure you it can do, with some very affordable parts from any big box hardware store.
you need:

One table leg – mine was from the Habitat for Humanity resale Store (a great resource) but they come in all shapes and sizes at big box retailers
Four (4) 7-inch-wooden-shelf-brackets
A picture frame – you can also cut a wooden tray or anything else that appeals to
Five feet of Shoe molding
1 piece of ¼ - inch wood and only a little smaller than your picture frame
1 piece of ½ - or ¾ - inch cut wood and 2-3 cm smaller than your picture frame
- glue (I used Gorilla glue)
Brad nails (optional)
1 wood-screw
- Sand paper
Spray paint
Mod hodgepodge Gloss (I know! Surprising!)


Drill, saw (hand saw, cross cut saw, what you've got), hammer, foam brush
First off, I cut the table leg to the height I needed (they will do this for you in the hardware store, if you ask nicely. It probably helps if you are more beautiful than I am. I cut my home. Alone. . . . move on) and sanded all the parts smooth.
next, I cut the Shoe molding into eight (8) seven-inch strips and took the flimsy back out of the picture frame.
Now I was ready to attach the Shoe molding to the table leg.
I centered a shelf bracket on base of the table leg and drew a line on both sides. Then I have beige Shoe form adds part on both sides of the line, creating a groove. I repeated that on all four sides.
I nailed me in place after gluing but if you wanted to wrap only, you simply stick the rubber bands to the top and keep the bottom in place while they dry.
Next I just glued the shelf brackets into the slots I'd created and wiped away any glue that squeezed out and set it aside to dry.
After it dried, I painted everything (leg, the edge and one side of the two pieces of wood and a picture frame). A quick coat of spray primer followed by top coat quick work done, and then it was cutting time.
I put the frame on the ¼ - inch board and the inside followed edge, so I would know how much the board to cover with my images and got busy. You can cards, baseball cards, copies of baseball cards, or the actual baseball itself. I’ll leave that up to you.
Once the decoupage dried, I took my Mod-Podged Board to the picture frame with some glue and nails. My ¼ - inch board had warped a little, so I rested a heavy can on it to counter the warp., exactly in the middle of my ½ - inch board I drew lines from corner to corner. After that all I had to do was drill a pilot hole and attach my ½ Board to the leg Assembly. Make sure the wood screw is flat with the surface of the Boards, or just a little below it.
fastening of the leg and the picture frame was easy. I just got all turned upside down and glued the top of the ½ - Board at the bottom of the image. Your DIY end table is almost ready!
I can paint my phone in order to keep it in place and seal the deal.
After that dried I turned it back on, and a sealer layer of Mod smorgasbord on the collage surface.
OK – the last step of my DIY-end-table, and True confession Time:
I wanted to wear a Hard layer of Mod smorgasbord for this step, but neither of my local craft stores, or at least not have it in stock too late. From all reports, it would be very nice in this Phase.
However, for my tables I used a product called Envirotex, an epoxy resin (they use it on bar tops a lot), you need to mix thoroughly, pour, and let it dry for several days. It's messy, but it produces a solid glass-like surface, it is super strong, but Hard layer of Mod hodgepodge would work just as well and a little less hustle and bustle.
I hope you like my DIY-end-table. This is my first attempt to document what I'm doing – if I did all the steps, or confused with, please post link to your question in the comments. I will monitor and will be happy to reply.

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