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Books decor with blackboard resources

Transform old books into functional décor with Mod smorgasbord table medium! You can use for notes or just as a pretty display that you can draw.

Hello, friends! I don't know about you, but handmade gifts for the holidays are in full swing at our house!
do Not stress, if you are not even thinking about that yet . . . that's what bloggers are, right? A little pre-holiday inspiration.
Here is one of my favorite gifts for the holidays. Vintage Books!
I LOVE old books. I love to bundle up with twine and put them all over my house on display, I give them as gifts all the time.
I thought it would be fun to take a couple of old books, and turn them into reusable mini chalkboards. So, you can be functional and a beautiful piece of decor too! Just don't be surprised if you a from me for the holidays this year. 😉

DIY chalkboard, books,
To get started on your blackboard, book, everything, what you need:

Mod smorgasbord table medium
sponge paint brush
chalk, Pen or marker
Vintage book or notebook

Ready to get started? This is so easy, you just don't want to believe it. Promise.
you Make your panel, paper, first, use your sponge brush to apply a thin layer of medium panel on the front of the book.
Let it dry completely, and then add a second layer. You can coat only the front part of your book, or the entire surface Just make sure it is completely dry before flipping it over and over.
is your table medium dry, use a Board and marker to draw or write on your book. I have a chalk gelato pen for my project, because it has a really chalky look (but is a permanent chalk marker).
you can also use a chalk pen or real chalk, depending on whether you want your panel, paper, reusable or not.
If it is not hand-lettering is your thing, try a stencil. Mod smorgasbord sells a lot of fabulous stencils that would work well with a chalk marker!
To clean the blackboard, the book, just with warm water and a paper towel. Mild soap also works great.
This is it! You see, I told you it was super easy! I have my beautiful books on my Desk, and I use them often, notes and daily reminders.
I think I'm going to a couple more permanent additions with fun deals for the next holiday. Yay! I just love working with the chalk so much.
Happy holiday, crafts, my friends. Permission granted to begin this self-made gifts. 😉 Don't forget to visit me on my blog!

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