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Autumn Crafts: Falling Leaves Frame

If you Tinker love autumn, those falling leaves frame put you in the mood! To do it’s so easy. Just grab your Mod collection and some precious stones.
I love autumn. I can wait’t, for sweaters, hot drinks and pretty colored leaves. And I love to Tinker in the autumn.
But the fall is not quite here yet. It is still warm in Pennsylvania and the leaves are green and clinging to their trees. I can't wait to get to the season here and for the fall of tinkering, I decided to make my own small view of the fall, in a gold and glittering away! I have recently made this faux created mosaic to remind me of falling leaves.
Currently I have this DIY falling leaves frame propped up on my kitchen window sill. I don’t see the leaves blowing outside, but to visualize the autumn crafts like this little scene, which helps me that autumn is on the way!
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Want to see how you make it? The trick is to stand in a small, thick frame, on my own two feet, without the back. I got mine at IKEA, but I’ve seen them elsewhere, including the dollar store.
autumn crafts: falling leaves frame
Collect These Supplies

craft and paint
Gold paint (can be White glitter also)
cotton swab
Small jeweled leaf shaped rhinestones
Mod hodgepodge, Satin or gloss formula
hot gun
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
of Soda or other adhesive

note: for this project: of this project, the idea was not originally in the September 2013 – Dimensional Magic is available in several formulas, such as you see below. You can only buy it in the clear at this time.
Remove the back panel and the glass from the frame. Paint the inside and the outside of the frame with white paint. Allow to dry to. Repeat with another coat if necessary.
If desired, a layer of gold-flecked paint over the white and allow to dry. I have a soft spot for glitter, so it was a no-brainer for me.
place the glass back into the frame. Flip it over and apply a bead of hot glue around the edge of the frame where the glass meets the wood. This will help hold the glass in place with the metal clips.
I have only periodic dollops of glue on each side, but I highly recommend them, a solid line a glue around all the edges. I’ll explain why in a moment.
Once the hot glue is dry, turn the frame right-side-up. Arrange the stones on the glass in the pattern of your choice. Use a cotton swab, apply a DAB of Mod smorgasbord on the back of each leaf.
This tape the sheets of the three-Dimensional magic is applied to the bottom, before. Allow the decoupage glue to dry.
Now comes the fun part! You place the frame over a drop cloth or other disposable work surface (it could get a little messy.) Drizzle glitter Dimensional Magic (DM) on the glass. I concentrated the application of the glitter of DM around the leaves. Then fill in the remaining areas with the Regular DM-formula.
tips: Work slowly, so you don't have to many bubbles as you are applying for, - DM. To cover, you don’t need to complete the stones, but you want the glue to the edges of the leaves slightly.
This will help hold the pieces in place and give it to 'embedded' appearance after drying. Use a pin to pop all the bubbles that you see in the glue.
If you leave the glass and back of the frame, prop the glass of the frame on some level that is smaller than the frame.
Now, I think I had a lot of leaks, because I don't a lot of hot glue around the edges in the back. The adhesive oozed as a result. If you see a line of hot glue around the perimeter on the back (as I advise above), I don’t think you're going, how much is dripping.
But, just in case you do, I recommend leaving the frame to dry propped up on something. I have a beverage can. This allows the glue to drip down onto the paper below without holding on to the back of the frame.
Allow the DM to dry completely (it usually takes overnight for me). After drying, the DM is a clear, glossy resin look. If you find the need to at the level of Dimensional magic, as some areas sank during the drying process, the it can absolutely layer. It dries clear and you won’t even notice.
met Where the two formulas of the DM, the waves were left, in the surface of my falling leaves frame as the glue dried. The effect looks almost, like the wind, the small leaves to blows. Love!
If you can’t find a leaf-shaped jewel piece, you could repeat this process with something small and lightweight that glue on the surface of the frame. Buttons, Rhinestones, Sequins . . . I think you all would be nice. Tiny snow pieces would be fun to mimic the look of falling snow for winter theme.flake br> So, if you are like me, and can wait’t, for the autumn craft, grab some Dimensional magic and make a small, glittering views of the autumn today. This falling leaves is one of my favorite autumn DIY projects ever!!!
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