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As the re-use of cardboard Postal boxes

The re-use of cardboard post-box with a Mod-smorgasbord – you in fabulous fabric bins! This project is inexpensive and perfect for the organization.
Have you ever went by a shop and was fascinated by something that could make it on the shelves, but then she realized it probably home? That’s how I feel every time I am a substance, especially on the target. As a shop owner, I always have packaging suppliescome out of my ears.br>recently I ordered some boxes that I didn’t, and was able to return bins’t turning so I decided to keep them in the tissue. These are perfect for moving boxes, as well! If you receive a box in the mail and want to recycle, you now know what to do.
The re-use Of Post boxes
you Start with a medium-sized box, rotary cutter and fabric. The fabric I used in the photos’t keep as well as how the other two substances I have used. The thinner the fabric, the better.
Tilt the box back up and tape the bottom flaps together. Using a ruler, measure the length and width of the box sides with the top box-flaps. Based on what I've measured, I thought, I needed two 9×11-inch pieces and 12×11-inch pieces. This includes an additional half inch for each side, round and round.
Flip your fabric with the right side. You can measure the pieces and cut. You should be on four pieces, one for each side of the box.
Now fold the top flaps inside the box. As a result, your material will be am extra robust. In addition to brush a thin layer of Mod-smorgasbord on one of the pages.
remove the appropriate piece of fabric, place it flat down on the side of the box and smooth out. Brush Mod smorgasbord on the inside of the flap. Each piece of fabric corner, cut a small diagonal slit. Secure the fabric over the top of the box and on the flap. Brush Mod smorgasbord to secure the edges of the fabric.
On the outer corner, secure the fabric at the corner, where the slot is, with Mod-hodgepodge. Then brush more on the edge of the fabric, to make it flush in the box. Continue this process with each page, use rinse Mod smorgasbord, around the edges of the fabric. Leave it on for about an hour or more to completely dry.
How would you describe the re-use of post boxes around your house? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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