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Watercolor-perpetual calendar (with Free Printable)

Create a watercolor-themed perpetual calendar with this free printable! It is easy to make with a Mod collection and some other basic supplies.
The other day I looked around my craft studio and realized that I didn \ ' T even have one of the most basic elements you can have in a work area – a calendar! I didn't think a home, but even from my studio . . . which is funny, because I always keep track of so, day and date, given that they are away from me, a lot (I'm forgetful!).
Instead of buying a calendar, I decided it would be easy to make – and fell in love with the idea of a perpetual calendar that could be used year after year!
Since it's my craft studio, I decided I wanted it to be colorful and inspiring, and the watercolor trend I ' m seeing everywhere these days is the issue, I decided.
Armed with a few supplies and a free printable (that you can get below), I made this simple calendar. Stack it on my Desk, looks pretty, and keeps me straight when it comes to the date. Here is how I did it!
DIY-perpetual calendar

printer, and a white cardboard or paper presentation
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
calendar download
wood Block, 2" – four blocks
White spray paint
Craft knife and Mat
Brayer (optional)

Spray paint to spray your blocks with white paint. Make sure that the cover your surface and read the instructions on the can for correct application. You want to spray paint all six sides of the wood blocks and let them dry. Set in a well-ventilated room.
Print the free printable on cardstock or presentation paper. You start by cutting from the outer edge of both sides with your craft knife, Mat and ruler.
TIP #1: The leaves are arranged so that the first six places will go on a block and the bottom-six on the other. Date block 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 should have. Date of block two 0, 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8 should have. You’ll use the “6” for your 9. I recommend you keep organized in the squares as you cut.
Furthermore, you cut the squares to the bottom with your craft knife, Mat and ruler.
I found cut that it was easier to join the squares with my scissors, when I got down to the final cuts. But I'll leave that up to you – you can continue to use your cutter!
Now decoupage the bottom of the squares. You start with a page on each block. A medium layer of Mod-hodgepodge apply at the top.
set a square on the top of the block, in the middle and flatten it down. with the hands, or you can use a brayer – I love mine! Simply wipe off any excess Mod collection that pushes the page with the brush.
Once you do this, on the one hand, do it on the one hand, for the second, third, and fourth blocks. By the time you are done, you can go back to the first block, and it will be dry enough for another field. Keep going in this manner until all sides of the blocks are covered! Let dry., seal all of the blocks with a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord.
Let your blocks are completely dry before you use them.
your perpetual calendar by the month-block and the Tag block on the bottom and stack the date on the top.
I love how the colours change every day, depending on the time – I really enjoy looking at it! That would be a pretty addition to your studio or work area?

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