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Antique Washed Thanksgiving-Napkin-Rings

These laser-cut-Thanksgiving-napkin-rings are ideal for dressing up your holiday table! You give a wash with the Antique Mod-hodgepodge for an aged look.

Hello, everyone! It’s Ashlee from My So Called Crafty life, and I'm here today to share a great and simple DIY-perfect for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration!
a while ago, and thought it would be great to jazz up our Thanksgiving-table-settings. I loved the laser-cut “Be Thankful” at the top, and the thickness of the rings.
you are really cool on their own, and I know there are so many things that you could do to dress them up. I chose a simple painted look for this couple.
DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings
Here’s What you Need:

wood napkin rings (these were found at Michael's)
Tinker and paint in colors of your choice
Antique Finish Mod hotchpotch

The first what you need to do is wipe off the dust on your wood napkin rings.
Carefully paint a thin layer of white color on the ring part of the front of the rings. Allow the paint to dry and then turn your rings and the color white on the back of your rings and let them dry. I wanted a lighter wash of color for my napkin rings, so I just paint a color.
in addition to, you are ready to stripe your colors. I have a pumpkin orange, avocado green and gold for my stripe accents. Paint stripes on the front of the rings, let the paint to dry and repeat on the other side.
Then you can change the color of the “Be Thankful” share your rings with accent colors. Allow the paint to dry before you continue.
To the end of your thanksgiving napkin rings and you feel will give you an antique, vintage, paint the rings with Mod hodgepodge Antique Finish, Medium. You need multiple layers, let dry in between layers.
This sounds daunting, but it goes really quickly, because you can paint the medium on each of the rings and by the time you get back to the first, it is dry enough to layer on.
I love how my Thanksgiving napkin rings turned out! You have washed an antique, to see you, but also a little modern with the fat strips. This project was so easy to make, and was really stir up quickly.
finally, you can. a batch of these in under an hour You look great in a table setting. I know my family will love to come to Thanksgiving dinner! I hope you all give easy diy to try! I think you’ll love it too!
If you all would like to see more of my work you can find me on my blog, My so-Called Crafty life here.

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