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Amy Butler-and a lamps tag

What a great idea! This was spotted on Flickr by user mayalu. This lamp shade with fabric Mod smorgasbord – the one you use on lamps. . . Bags. . . even chairs!br>Mod smorgasbord is NOT COMBUSTIBLE (use on the outside of the lampshade). So don’t worry about the bulb. . . You are good to go.
Here’s how to do a project like this. First of all, you’ll need enough fabric to cover the shade. Wash (no fabric softener), dry and iron the fabric.
Lay on a wax paper surface and coat with a thin layer of fabric Mod smorgasbord. You can do it on the front or back, doesn’t care (for whatever reason, I always run it on the front).
After this has dried, cut adapted to the substance to the surface. The fabric Mod hodgepodge is applied to prevent fraying and make the fabric look more like paper. It’s pretty cool. NOW you can cut the fabric to the lampshade with the Mod-smorgasbord.
the first application to dry and then put a few more coats. Embellish to your heart’s contents, and then let them dry for at least 48 hours. “let there be light!&#'ll 8221;

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