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Amy Butler, "Grow" DIY wall-Hanging

Amy Butler’use s to Grow pretty papers and your favorite decoupage medium to make this easy “” DIY wall-hanging. Instant wall art with little effort!
! I’ve used your papers many times on various projects over the years, and I LOVE your fabrics and sewing patterns.
Amy can pretty much do nothing wrong in my head, so if I have her new book " Amy Butler Decoupage Fresh, decorative projects for the home in the E-mail for review, I knew I was going to love it.
I didn’t really read a lot about the book before I received it, so that, when they came, I got a pleasant surprise. Honestly – it’s not really a book in the typical sense of the word. I mean, there is a brochure (28 pages), but it’s also on the PAPER!!
And I’m talking about 80 sheets of decoupage-weight paper printed with 19 of Amy’s signature pattern. To pay with everything included, it’s an amazing price for paper and inspiration. Not only that, it’s Amy Butler! It’s fabulous.
I want you to hang a DIY wall project that I have with one of the papers. It’s a gift for my mom, and I can wait’t to give it to her! Here’s how I did it.
Collect These Supplies

wood plaque, 8 x 10
paper from Amy Butler Decoupage, 1 sheet of
wood-accent – like my flower pot with flowers
wooden letters – spelling the spell of your choice
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
acrylic paint – colors of your choice
surface Glitter – FolkArt Multi; Disco Crystal
lace ribbon
Craft knife and Mat
hot gun
craft glue
- scissors
Brayer (optional)

It is actually all with this piece – a small wood-accent I’ started;'ve had hiding in my craft for SO long! I’ve worn it for a while, and it finally broke . . . but I’ve been wanting to use it. I knew this was the time.
The first thing I did was choose the plaque, to use the I wanted to and the paper. My mom really loves wall art and is constantly adding pieces to your home decor. She also loves her garden, so I knew that this would be perfect!
I trimmed it to fit the paper, the wood plaque and set it aside.
Then I painted the piece of wood (and wood-letter) separately. I left the piece of wood broken, plan, stick it to the end together.
you are cordially invited to, to paint the edge of the wood plate, but that’s not necessary.
in the last time, this Mod conglomeration of brush was my Savior. It’s a 2.25″ brush applicator and is perfect for the canvas and wood surfaces.
Use it to apply the Mod-smorgasbord, the wood plaque, full of the coating in a middle layer.
Set the paper down on the wooden Board, then flatten with your hands, OR use my preferred method to get a brayer. More rollers and then wipe off Mod collection that pushes the page with a brush. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
place a top coat on and smooth out with the brush. Let dry.
Cut to trim a length of lace, for hanging, and hot glue on the back.
accent your letters (and what else do you want) with the FolkArt glitter. Let dry.
you can Stick your piece of wood on the front.
Then you glue your letters to the front – I use a ruler to help me you also!
Once everything’s dry, it’re finished and ready to hang (or gift!).
Here are some finished shots of the project:
What do you think? I think my mom will love it!
; d love for you to pick up a copy of Amy Butler Decoupage Fresh, decorative projects for the home!

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