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"skeleton Caught in Candy-Corn& quot; DIY Halloween decorations

This DIY-Halloween-decor is hilarious! It’s so easy to put together the skeleton in candy-corn-display; learn click here to see how.
Sometimes you have an idea for a unique Halloween decoration, and you only need to bring your vision to reality. Well, my friends, that this year happened. And it all started with a skull-display on Pinterest.
; ll describes the image for you. In this special Halloween display, a faux skeleton sat in a plastic kettle, with a spin bath weave and small clear ornaments in a ghostly “.” It gave us to itch quite a bit, and also a bit of inspiration for us.
Our thought was, what if we could create DIY Halloween decor, this could with a skeleton (or more than one), and also funny? We hit Michael's and began plotting. Pretty quickly we realized that we wanted to have a bath . . . except for us, the sweets would be. This stupid skeleton display grew from there!
Because the truth is, you eat in a day’re the skeleton, all of the candy corn – and the next day you’re are the skeleton that fell into the candy corn and your skinny buddy have to help you! Recognize you didn’t, you need to do to have the life lessons, as well as DIY Halloween decorations, have you?
; m going to show you how to requires this simple project, the only minimal craft skills (if at all). I’m a Michael's decision-makers, so that’s where I get all my supplies for this project in addition to the candy corn! There are quite a few optional supplies, based on the direction you want to take your ad, so read the instructions carefully.
Michaels is Halloween your Halloween HQ with everything you need to find a spookier. Get everything you need to have the creepiest (and coolest) costumes and follow it until you set up your houses.
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the manual? Let’s go!
DIY Halloween decor: Stupid skeleton Display
Collect These Supplies

Fake-plastic-skull – 3
glass Apothecary jar, 13.5″ large – in the floral section of Michaels
hot glue gun and glue sticks
Candy corn – we are about 4 lb.
Felt – the orange and black, 2 sheet paint each
Mod smorgasbord of Extreme glitter (optional)
glass or multi-surface paint – orange and black (optional)
brushes (optional)
Sharpie (optional)

The first step, whether you decide to or not, the cleaning of glass. You have two options. You can use cleaning alcohol and a cotton ball or pad. You can also opt to wash, wipe the glass with a mild soap and warm water, then dry).
I think it’s easier with the alcohol, because I hate Laundry glass in the sink (it is slippery and it’s a risk that it will break). I’ll have the glass-cleaning method is up to you!
Now the optional step is you can paint your glass apothecary jar. To recommend, I’m going, it is, but some people may want to this part simply bypass the candy-corn gag.
If you want to paint, then you use the black glass or multi-surface cover color, the bottom plate and the lower part of the glass handle. Let dry.
Paint the upper part of the handle of the ball with orange. You’ll want to give you this with several layers, let dry between the layers.
If you need to scrape off any of the wrong color, went to the glass where you want to didn’t to go there, simply use an X-Acto knife.
Draw a face on the top ball of the glass with a Sharpie. Then fill in the details with a Sharpie or a small brush and black paint. Let dry.
you’re moving now to the manufacture of hats.
Cut your black felt into three parts:

A small circle about 2 1/4" long and 1 1/2" wide
A large circle about 3 1/2" long and 3" wide
A long rectangular piece about 8" long and 2" wide

you’ll also cut out felt an 8" - long strips (about 1 / 3" wide) of the orange. Note the size of the felt pieces may change based on the size of your skeleton heads. To practice the’s why you have bought a few pieces of felt – in case you have 😀
you are going to attach the small circle to the larger strip of black felt, like.
a line of hot glue on the edge of the black felt.
Attach the smaller circle to the strip of felt with hot glue, working your way around the circle.
When you reach the end, cut the excess off and then hot glue the flap over itself.
Rotate the top of the hat on the right.
fold the circle in half and cut out the middle, about the same size as the base of the top of the hat.
Hot glue the edge to the top of the hat. You don’t to cover too carefully, because the band to it.
Insert the orange ribbon with hot glue.
three of these and add some cool “cover”, your skeletons, your DIY-Halloween-decor is even more awesome!
Here’s one more optional idea for you. I found black sparkle felt, but if you would like to add to the feel of a little sparkle, which you already have . . . use Mod smorgasbord of Extreme glitter! It is your felt a little stiff, but these are only skeleton hats, and they look great with a little sparkle! this is your final order of business, everything. Here are the next steps! First, you’re going to pour the candy corn in the apothecary jar.
Then you’re going to snap the legs of one of the skeletons, stuck his torso in the candy corn. Let his arms hang over the edge, as if he’to escape s a try.
After that position to fix the cover on the back of the glass and hot glue. Allow to cool and add a little more glue, to make sure that it’secure, before she let go. You don’t want to break your cover!
Lay the remaining two skeletons are on every side, and hot glue you have to use your hands in place, though. You can also use putty, a bit of blue tack or other adhesive to go if you want to, this route.
the rest of The DIY-Halloween-decor is up to you. You can add candy corn in one of the skeleton’s mouth, or all of them Maybe they were all pigs, if you fell in!
And just so you know, one of my favorite parts of this whole representation of the painted jack o’ - lantern face on the handle. I just love it!
to know what you think about my DIY-Halloween-decoration in the comments. Would you do it?? Let me know!

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