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"UGH" potion bottle Halloween-block - Mod-hodgepodge rock

Use leftover scrap to make wood, this fun Halloween blocks that look like the potion bottles! You’ll use the scrapbook to decorate paper and Mod-smorgasbord.
do you have any leftover pieces of 2 x 4? If not, you canalso from your local hardware store or dig for scraps at a construction site, because it’s time to have a cute Halloween project – this potion bottle “BOO” Halloween blocks!br you can>with any word of your choice, but “BOO” is kind of nice, just because it’s a little shorter, so you only need a few blocks. Here’s the tutorial, so get craftin.’
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magic potion bottle Halloween blocks
Collect These Supplies

Mod hodgepodge Matt
Folk Art acrylic paint – Azure Blue
2×4 wood pieces (15 inches)
miter saw or hand saw
newspaper or scrapbook paper with pressure
Blue scrapbook paper designs
1 1/16" finial dowel caps – 4
Blue acrylic stones – 4
Black tulle
Black, distress ink
hot glue
Cosmetic wedge

Cut a 2×4 into four sections: A 4" section and three 3.5-inch sections (or approximately this size).
Use abrasive paper to sand the edges smooth and round them.
to draw the blocks and finial dowel caps with Azure, let it dry.
the block-fronts, the track as a template back of Newspapers or printed scrapbook paper; cut them out and set them aside. To do this for the blue paper on the top and the sides of the blocks.
to Draw BOO! Letters on the back of the remaining blue scrapbook paper, so you can be sure that you are width of a size that fits on each block with at least a½". (Note: the "B" should be slightly larger than the largest block); cut out the letters.
to Use Mod smorgasbord to glue the letters on the front of the block. Let dry.
Keep the papers with Mod hodgepodge Matt, smooth out all the bubbles with their hands. Let dry.
Sand blocks, sanding off some of the paper to give the edges of each of their Halloween a distressed look. Sand dowel caps, which give an aged look. Then the edges of the distress of each block with black distress ink and a cosmetic wedge.
seal each block with a layer of Mod-hodgepodge. Let dry.
Keep the dowel caps on the top of each block with hot glue. Attach the gems on the top of each dowel cap with hot glue and tie on a black tulle.
you show your BOO-Halloween-blocks, the pride on a Halloween coat!

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