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"love" feathered heart DIY canvas

There are so many things going on in the Christmas season–the lights, the shopping and the hustle and bustle of the season. But one thing I’t shake can is, that we often need a reminder of why we’re doing all these beautiful things. This year I’ I;m focusing my efforts and energy on the creation of a feeling of being in my house on the basis of the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Christmas is all about love. On peace, hope and joy. But mostly about love. Without getting too far into my thoughts behind the selection of this word and feeling for my Christmas, I wanted to create a project that would include, my hope for this year so that I have a constant reminder of the goal, the I’m in.
made It, a DIY, craft and sewing blog, and today I’ I;m this “ parts;love” DIY-canvas with you. Let’s get started!
love canvas Supplies

Square canvas
painter’s Band
Gold spray paint
Mod hodgepodge Matt
White springs
hot gun
Electronic cutter, adhesive (I love my Silhouette!)


spraying, a Random painter’ place;s tape on the canvas, and spray the canvas with color. Let dry.
you Remove the tape, and spray the entire canvas, to create a second texture. Let dry.

3. Paint a heart with Mod smorgasbord on the screen, and then restart the compliance of the springs, layers of them, and form them into a heart.
4. For the top layer of the feathers, attach them with a hot glue gun, so that they are matted aren’t shut down.
5. Cutting and applying vinyl “love” on the screen.

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