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American Flag canvas with fabric and Mod-hodgepodge

They make unique and SIMPLE American flag canvas art with fabric and Mod-hodgepodge! Perfect for 4. or just for showing your USA pride.
Skills Required: Very beginner. This project is very easy, even if you’ve never Mod Podged. Wrinkles are a Problem, with beginning Mod Podgers, this is avoided completely by those small squares of fabric. You are virtually guaranteed success with this tutorial.

This American flag wall art project is one that I’ve been doing for a long time! I don’t do a lot of decoration for the Fourth of July (guilty), and I wanted to free up some space on the front of our house I’T see an American flag canvas like this with paint chips, and I got it in my head that I wanted to do something with tissue in a similar manner.
Now I have the American flag wall art that I can use year after year. Now it’s not raining, so I can keep it outside (it’s from the sun, too), but after the Fourth, I’m to put it in the display. It’s kind of quirky and fun. I love the patchwork effect!
you Take your measurements stripes
In this project, I have a 16 x 20″ canvas – having said that, the canvas was not exactly 16 x 20″. The’t matter for the 20″ in length, but the height was important as I wanted to share the canvas in 13 strips. A measurement of my canvas, set the height to 15 7/8″.
this is a measurement that in 13 of the strip is a pain when using the inch side of my ruler – Share; it came to 1.22 cm per strip. You know what I found to be much easier? With the millimeter with my ruler! My canvas measured at 43 millimeters, this gave me a length of 3.3 mm per strip. The metric system to the rescue!
Regardless of the method you choose (inch or mm), please make sure to measure your canvas and don’t go by my measurements. That’s, is because in the production on every canvas, a little different. You take your own measurements will make sure that your strips are relatively even. The patchwork nature of the American flag wall art is beautiful because it doesn’t have to be exact, you want to come, but in the vicinity.
Why do you Paint the canvas?
you may ask why I painted my American flag canvas, if I ended up just putting fabric over the top. There are three reasons for this:

Mod Podging fabric makes it slightly transparent. If you are using thin fabric, it helps the colors pop when you see the color behind them.
If I have missed any areas with fabric (the pieces were too short, for example), the color filled in the gaps.
I also wanted to paint the edges of the canvas as a. The stripes on the sides (and top and bottom) as you can see in the photo above.

you don’t must, you paint your American flag canvas – but those are the reasons why I did it. I’ll leave it up to you!
Are you ready to get the tutorial for this unique DIY-American-flag-wall-art? Keep reading!
DIY-American flag canvas art
Collect These Supplies

16 x 20″ screen
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
wood star – 1″, 18
cloth is torn to shreds – red, white, blue
acrylic paint – red, white, blue
craft glue

measure the thirteen stripes for your canvas with a ruler and the marking with a pencil is easiest in case you make a mistake (then you can just erase it).
Once done, you’ve your marks with a ruler, trace the lines all the way across the screen.
Mark the area you are going to color blue. I just kind of winged it until I was satisfied with the proportions. My area is five strips and then 9 1/8″. I just wanted to look for it, which is proportional to the rest of the canvas.
color of the red stripes with acrylic paint, as shown above. I used Engine Red FolkArt. You don't need to paint the white stripes (just make sure all the pencil lines that may be deleted).
Paint the blue area with your choice of blue acrylic paint. Aside the screen to dry and then start with the preparation of your fabric.
If you have scrap fabric in red, white and blue – I’m totally jealous. I didn’t have, every piece of fabric in these colors due to my move last year (I got rid of everything!) so I bought some fat Quarter. I bought three to four different patterns in all three colors, so that I would have some variety.
I Have about 1/4 of each fat quarter for this project. The nice thing is now, I have scraps of some fabric left for other projects! I will definitely so that’t a concern. Next, what to do, to prepare the fabric.
Preparing material for Decoupage
When I say that I “ready for my fabric ” for this American flag canvas, which just means I painted a layer of Mod hodgepodge on the cloth (I put it on a silicone cutting Board) and allow to dry.
Why did I do it?
cut Because it’s very hard to the fabric, and use it in a Mod-hodgepodge project without fraying; especially if the squares are so small. By painting this layer of Mod smorgasbord of over the top and let it dry, you have a stiff surface to work with, which won’t fray.
as soon As the fabric Mod Podged to cut it’s very easy (almost like scrapbook paper!) and very easy to Mod-hodgepodge down. I do it every single time, if I were a Mod patchwork fabric project like this. Yes – it will take more time, but it saves me the trouble, and then I don’t to have any wrinkles.
Once you’ve you prepare all of your fabrics, cut them into strips a little over an inch, then cut into smaller squares is a little over an inch, as you can see above. For your reference, I used:

the Red squares – 104
White squares – 86
blue squares – 72-ish

I overlapped the blue squares much more than I did the other squares.
Start with the blue area – add some Mod-hodgepodge Satin on the canvas . . .
Then place down a square (you can some Mod smorgasbord on the back, if it’non-stick s). Mod smorgasbord at the peak. If it is at all, just get it and put it back.
will Continue in this method until the blue area is filled in, then work up to the strip. I used overlapping squares, all the way along the canvas, until the whole was covered. I choose to mix different patterns to (identify, it’s heavy on the white, but there are definitely patterns to those substances).
Then I let the whole American flag canvas dry.
While my American flag wall-to-wall dried-up art, I painted 18 white stars with titanium White FolkArt and let it dry. I wouldloved’ve to draw all 50 stars on the screen, but there is only room for 18!br> I glued them down evenly with craft glue.
Now that your American flag canvas is complete, you can display it where ever you want! Hang it on the wall or prop it on a table – either would work. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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