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Advent Calendar Ideas: Wooden Snowman

Search for one of these advent calendar ideas, which is really unique? Make this wooden snowman advent calendar, and you can use it again, year after year!
skills Required: intermediate. You’ll need to be able to use a saw and a drill (and the technology have, or someone of the not) know. The cuts that you’ll find basic. The rest is just painting.

Are you looking for a unique advent calendar ideas? I’ve got a fun one for you today! One that you can use from year to year, a snowman advent calendar. One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid, the countdown to Christmas!
My parents bought my brothers and I open this $1 advent calendars with the chocolate inside, and we would every day. While those were funny, the way we would have to throw when we were done.
What is a DIY advent calendar, you do not need to throw away a dial? This cute snowman?? He is so happy and excited, the countdown to Christmas.
Before we dive in, you can make your snowman advent calendar, I to wanted to go over the steps you’re to this project. There are a couple of steps, but each step is relatively simple:

you Cut the wood, the hat and the nose
the shape of The nose
you Drill a recess in the back of the wood circle, so that the hardware
color of the snow man’s face, details, hat, nose,
fit Write the numbers in Sharpie
sealing with Mod-hodgepodge (optional)
screws and not glue it all together

It’s really hard at all! If I can make it, you can do it. The reward is worth it, because this type can be used year after year. Oh, and it’s candy for free . . . but not fun free!!!
snowman advent calendar
Collect These Supplies

wood-dial – 10"
Unfinished pine-wood-pieces – 4 x 4" square, 1 x 12" rectangle (I got mine from Michaels)
acrylic paint – white, orange, black, light gray
Sharpie marker-black
brush – flat brush Eyeliner brush
wood glue
hot gun
Embellishment – ribbon, flower (for the hat)

Tools & adhesive; Hardware

¼ "bolt with two washers and a nut
miter saw
Dremel with a grinding bit
spiral drill with ¼" drill bit
Optional – 13/16 spade bit

step 1: Collect your supplies. You get a watch face, and the wooden parts of the supply-list with Michael!
step 2: the snow man’s hat, cut a in the long wooden rectangles in half with the miter saw. That’s to the edge. Use one of the the pine-squares than the top of the hat.
step 3: Cut the nose out of the other half of the long wooden rectangle.
step 4: Sand the curves in the nose with a Dremel with a grinding bit. Drill a ¼ - inch hole at the end of the nose.
note: you can also use the curves in the nose with regular sandpaper, but it’s only a bit longer.
step 5: This step is optional, but it will help you sit in your advent calendar more flush to the wall! You drill a recess in the back of the watch face with a spade bit. So, this is the mother, the nose will fit down in the recess.
step 6: Paint your clock face, then spounce light grey to an edge, it's a highlight. Let dry.
step 7: Write the numbers 1 – 25 all around the edge of the watch face with your Sharpie.
I just went for it, but I know it’s difficult things. If you’s a Problem for you, I recommend taking the scrap of paper and make a template of the face. Tape two sheets together, if you have to.
Use this template, the numbers in the right place. Then you can the template on the snow man’s face and use a pencil to write on the tops of the numbers – you’ll be able to see, the placement of where you made the pencil groove on the face.
step 8: Use a spouncer coal add "" to the face with black acrylic paint; add white paint highlights with a liner brush. Let dry.
step 9: Paint the hat black and the nose orange. Highlights of black to add to the nose with a liner brush. Let dry.
to seal optionally, this step all of your snow man advent calendar pieces with Mod conglomeration, including the face.
step 10: take your ¼ "screw (1" length), two washers and a nut. You're going to mount the nose.
step 11: Attach the nose is dense enough, so that you have to push the nose on every single date. You want it loosely (or tightly)! Paint the screw of orange and drylet.br> step 12: Glue the hat to the top of the snowman's head and attach the ribbon and floral accents with a hot glue gun.
This snowman advent calendar is TOO cute. Your children's nose moving love down to counting every single day till Christmas! Let me know what you think in the comments.

PS – want to see a fun advent calendar for children? Look at this paper-chain option:
the paper chain advent calendar

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