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Add Flair to a children' Decoupage chair

Looking for a way to personalize, children’s furniture? These children decoupage chair is easy to paint with your favorite colors, paper and Mod-smorgasbord.

confession. I Love The Wood Balls. Especially the ones with polka dots. To realize to laugh before you start, that I’m very seriously – that is why I have a chair in oodles on these children’.
My friends Christopher and Holli have taught me a lot about “blinging”, projects, and introduced me to wooden balls.
I think one of my biggest challenges as a crafter always been, like you, to finish things, because my style leans in the direction of simple. Simple is good, but sometimes you need a little more flair.
And this children’ comes; decoupage chair.
PS – I know, my name is on the chair, but to sit don’t worry, I won’t. It’s a small chair, and I don’t want splinters in your butt, break it!
children’ Decoupage chair
Collect These Supplies

wooden chair, unfinished – I got mine from Jo-Ann
Making Memories Panoma collection – three sheets of paper, rub-ons and adhesive letters
FolkArt paint – green Cape, Terra Cotta, Coffee Bean, ivory, White
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
wooden balls, unworked – two large and 18 small
craft glue
brush in various sizes
X-Acto knife and Mat
pen or pencil

The first thing you should do is to assemble your chair and paint it. I hope that you forget aren’t like me, to where you have the screws for the seat.
It’s fine – I was able to paint the seat separately. Color of the legs of the chair in Terra Cotta, trusses Coffee Bean and is the seat of green Cape. Check out the project photo-reference.
your dogs could quit bored waiting for you to painting. It’s a condition called “lack of snugglitis.”
Remember, to give your chairs enough layers of paint. It took me two to cover the entire chair. Let dry.
While you are waiting for the chair to measure, dry, and cut your papers. I didn’t use any templates, I just measured the areas I wanted to cover with paper and cut to fit.
I covered the top and bottom of the slats on the chair, the slats five seat-and then the slats under the seat.
This will show you how I put the papers to ensure that they would fit. They do trimming, that’s necessary. time for the Mod-hodgepodge of action! Work to spread a piece at a time, a medium layer of Mod hodgepodge over the bar of the chair seat.
Smooth remember your paper down with your Finger – to smooth, smooth, smooth! Keep smoothing until all air bubbles are gone. If any Mod smorgasbord comes from the sides, wipe it away with the brush.
It’s better to much Mod-hodgepodge rather than not enough. Repeat with each piece of paper that you cut. Everything dry for at least 15 – 20 minutes.
back and coat the top of your paper with Mod-hodgepodge. During this time, you can sprinkle the entire chair with Mod-smorgasbord.
I work recommend in stages, painting with Mod hodgepodge and so is dry before you move on to another area. Coat the chair one time completely dry, and then do it again.
at this time, you better off, so that it can dry overnight. It should at least feels dry.
Apply rubons and stickers to your decoupage chair, as desired. I added rubons to the front of my chair in a random pattern, as you can see in the finished photo.
I just fasten the bottom of my brush, the rubons – it worked well. I also on the attached stickers spelling out my name on the chair back so she could see how they look. Probably I'll change the name when I was a cute little kid to it!
Enter to close the rubons a layer of Mod-pick-and-mix to you. You don’t want to scratch with the handling. Let dry.
I realized I was almost done – but that the chair needed something. I know, I know. Polka spotted balls! What small child’s chair doesn’t the balls with polka dots must? But you already knew that. It took me a moment to realize it.
I have to paint this handy-dandy contraption for my ball. It’s a Styrofoam block with a small dowel stuck in it. You can easily paint your wooden balls, without making a mess on your hands.
The polka dot is a part of the balls is so easy. Just use the end of your brush, dip it in the Ivory White and a touch to the ball of wood.
Repeat with all the balls that random polka dots here and there. You leave it to dry. Sealing with Mod-smorgasbord and let it dry.
As you can see, I found the screws at last the seat and attached it so that someone could sit in it. It is a chair, after all.
they Stick the balls on the chair – with the big one on the chair back, six small on the chair and spread the other 12 under the seat, as shown. To sit you allow your decoupage chair for 24 hours before using.

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