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A shelf, Keep your Elf (with Free Printable)

Learn how to a fun “Elf on the shelf” display with a floating wall shelf! I’ve also got a free Christmas poem printable your children will love.
We’re in the middle of the season and I’ll be honest – I’m a little late with the decorating this year! I feel like everyone I know, had the holidays sneak up on you a little more than normal in 2017.
As a result, we’re all scrambling for decor-solutions that quickly and easily! I’ve got a great decor-taining the idea, for it implies that the Elf on the shelf. It’s quick and easy, and you don’t even tools.
This project is ideal if you don’t have a fireplace, but you have children who want to entertain a tiny elf friend. Because where you put him, or her, if you drag the Elf out of the box?
The secret is u>High & Mighty Floating shelves.
you can “shelf your elf” with a Floating shelves, just like me! I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. I’ll also show how you can decorate it with items, AND I have a free printable for you.
But first, let’s a short tutorial for the Installation on the shelf. It’s really easy. I used the 36" White Flat Floating shelf, which you can find here.
There are only three steps.
Remove the plastic-level piece from the back of the shelf. Remove the adhesive tabs and place the strip on the wall where you want to be your Floating shelf.
It is a handy little level, on the plastic strip, which will help you get it just right!
Remove the metal hangers from the back of the shelf and push into the wall, as shown (the plastic strip has grooves, so that you know exactly where).
HANG the Floating shelf in about two seconds flat! You’ll just put on the metal brackets and snap. And in about 60 seconds or less, I have a life, at the end of a shelf in my living room for 25 pounds!would br>If you have not heard yet of High & Mighty Floating shelves, because they are brand new. They come in a variety of styles and lengths from 18" to 36", and hold 15 to 25+ pounds! Pretty awesome.
Elf to finish on the shelf
After hanging your Floating shelf, you’ll do a couple of things decor-taining project. I used items I already had in my Christmas decoration stash. A few tips:

they Use items of different heights to add interest to your shelf.
Wrap small items (such as boxes) and stack them for the immediate setting up.
Don’t forget to leave a space for your elf to sit!

you might Have to play with the layout a little, but eventually you’ll get it. Then at the end of your High & Mighty Floating shelf, you’re a frame with this printable:
I made this printable just for this project, and it fits in a 4″ x 6″ frame (although you can print more if you wish). DOWNLOAD THE PRINTERrEPLACEABLE HERE.br I’>; to let m go on my Elf on the shelf decor for the entire holiday season, and you know what? I’m going to decorate my shelf for every holiday! If I’m not using it for holiday decor, I’ll put on regular home-decor-elements.
However, if I ever wanted to remove it, I’d screw with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the metal brackets – leaving pinholes behind. The power of High & Mighty Floating shelves are ideal for apartments, but also apartments in which you have to worry about the damage.
come in different sizes, colors and styles just right for you. I love these shelves!
I’d love to know all the decor-taining High & Mighty projects, you’ve done this season in the comments! Also be sure to visit to learn more about their projects. You will be sure to visit them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest.
Full Disclosure: High & Mighty, provided me compensation in exchange for this post. I only products on this blog, I have tried and love. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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