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A DIY-Easter-Magnet-Board

You know how this DIY-Easter-magnet-board, the times – change the year; use it throughout the year. To do it’s easy!
I’m a big fan of DIY Easter decor! But guess what, I’m an even bigger fan . . . Easter decor that can be re-used throughout the year ’round. I like to make, it is a requirement of my projects, if at all possible.
I know that you probably feel the same – because if you’ve spent time and effort on a craft idea that you want to use it for longer than two weeks.
This DIY-Easter-magnet-board is a project that fits the bill. You’ll make it and decorate it for Easter, according to my instructions, with your handy dandy Xyron Creative Station, and a few other supplies.
It’s very easy to do, and you’ll be able to change it for EVERY holiday. I love my magnetic board, and am going to keep it for the whole year. Let me show you how it’s done!

DIY-Easter-Collect a magnetic Board
it Supplies

Xyron Creative Station
the Xyron 5" Creative Station laminate/Magnet Refill cartridge
12 x 18 frame – glass
12 x 18 piece tin – removed; You can purchase this from Home Depot pre-cut (no cutting required!)
Easter printables
Scrapbook paper in different shades of green
decorative board
plate or other round object, in the pursuit of
double-sided tape
silver Sharpie

Cut your Easter printable in pieces. You’ll want to make sure that the pieces are’t be wider/bigger than 5″, or fit you won’t through the cartridge. It is a 9″ cartridge that you can get for larger projects.
you get to roll your Xyron Creative Station, out of the box and ready to go. I love this machine, because it is a cold lamination with no mess – completely non-toxic!
in Addition to the magnets and lamination that I’m doing, you can also buy two-sided lamination and adhesive cartridges (for stickers).
Pretty cool, isn't it?
Remove the cartridge from the packaging and open the hatch of your Creative Station.
to Adjust for the smaller cartridge and place it according to the instructions on the packaging.
Feed of the magnetic part of your Xyron cartridge with.
Now it’s time to crankin’! You can place a half of the graphics in the machine and turn the handle – it’s really easy.
on top.
Set the second half in the machine, and you’ll have a strip of laminated magnets!
you Cut each piece individually with a pair of scissors. Your main Easter magnets are finished. Now it’s time to “grass!”
The fun part about this grass is that you have to hold it the whole year, no matter what your scene, change your magnet board. It’s pretty General.
What you’ll do, around the grass track, a round object (in this case, a lid) on a couple of different shades of green scrapbook paper. Then cut out either with a cutter or a pair of scissors.
you’ll want to turf a few pieces to layer your “.”
dimension on the frame, in order to ensure that your lawn is the right length. Our was 12″, so we layered up as above and used to attach double-sided tape.
Add a border to the bottom of your grass with the Band, if you wish. Then you send the grass through the Xyron machine to put them in, a laminated, magnet-limit for the ground.
place the tin rectangle in the back of the frame. This is the reason I bought a can of piece that was pre-cut and a frame exactly the same size – makes it very easy!
you will not post any messages on their magnets with a Sharpie and you’re ready!
I’m so excited about my DIY-Easter-magnet-board . . . and can wait’t to my Xyron Creative Station to magnets for the next season!
for more information on Xyron, you can visit them on their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest!
disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation by me on behalf of the Xyron. The opinions and text are all mine.

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