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8 ideas for decoupage Easter eggs

To create use Mod smorgasbord of fun and unique decoupage Easter eggs!!! Here are 8 inspiring ideas that the whole family can be in on – they are so easy!
Easter is next week! This means that you have to do the whole week, a Mod smorgasbord project, right? Here are some decoupage Easter eggs are in order to you are in the mood.
What I love about decoupaging the eggs is that the surface is so small . . . it’s one of those holiday projects that do a really easy to use.
Within a few minutes you can the entire display, and you’ve spent a little time and hardly all of the Mod used the hodgepodge! But the results are so cute.
the eggs are easy and the eggs are funny, so this is what I – eight decoupage Easter eggs bring. You will enjoy tinkering with these pretty Easter eggs – they are so lightweight that you won’t believe it!
Vintage label eggs with gloss
spring Easter egg basket

Easter egg designs – porcelain inspired
Bunny and eggs tutorial
Gold confetti Easter eggs

Dollar store egg wreath
Decoupage napkin eggs
Did eggs this Mod smorgasbord of Easter? You just click on the image below for 18 more designs!

How to Decoupage a Poster to a canvas
Christmas, Noel Pop-up-card - idea - Mod conglomeration of rocks
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