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6 Mod hodgepodge of Back-to-school craft you'll love

These are back-to-school crafts easy, useful and fun to make! They all use the Mod-hodgepodge, and there are six projects to choose from.
I can’t think it’s almost that time again. Summer just started and now it’s almost over. What's going on here? I know don’t, as it is crazy in your neck of the woods, but around here, school shopping pretty.
I feel like I can’t go into the back-to-school supply section of a store, without worrying about the loss of a leg. There are so many people!
In terms of strategy, I would like to buy the school supplies all at once. I think a visit is enough, provided that I can remember and/or find everything. Then, after I powered to buy, I add my own personal touch with Mod-smorgasbord (what else?).
to help you, I got together a collection of six projects that inspired you. Are you ready to personalize your back-to-school items?
Mod hodgepodge of Back-to-school crafts

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