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22 Mod Hotchpotch Of Knock Off Decor Projects

If you were in love with the designer, but also your wallet doesn’t, here is about 20 Mod hodgepodge DIY-knock off decor-projects are, the look for less.

If you love Mod smorgasbord of DIY, you’re going to be excited about today’s post!!! You are a big fan of designer products, but don’t necessarily have the budget? They aren’t the only one. To find it’s hard, something that you love with all your heart and then realize it’s way out of your price range.
fix So how do you the situation? You make a “inspired by” version of himself – with Mod-hodgepodge! All of these bloggers were inspired by something you saw in a store and wanted a less expensive version for yourself.
scroll down to see what inspires you and how your awesome decoupage version turned out. These are some great Mod hotchpotch of knock off decor projects. I like you just as much if not more than the original. Fun, isn't it?
Knock Off decor projects

Glitter Heels
Save over $100 from the designer brands, by adding glitter and Mod-pick-and-mix your favorite pair of simple heels.
(The project-contribution is not available, so that the image for inspiration)

Overlapping circles
you can buy the version in the world market for $130, or create them for $3 with paint chips.
(The project-contribution is not available to create the image for inspiration)

Mercury glass
you can use napkins and a budget vase, an expensive mercury glass holiday vase.
See how it was made at the Opulent Cottage

glitter sunglasses
you can act your own version in minutes as Stacie, and saved $340 on the designer pair.
get the instructions at Stars for Streetlights

tone necklace
sound to imitate pearls, the look of an expensive designer necklace for a fraction of the price.
Find that, as in the case of Stars for Streetlights

Faux zinc
get the look of zinc with a special ingredient – aluminum foil! Perfect for home decor.
you can Find the instructions From gardeners 2 Bergers

Decoupage Dress
I made a smaller version of dress, art from the pottery barn catalog (a $275 savings). This Mod conglomeration of DIY wall art is one of my favorite projects!
Find the how-to here at Mod conglomeration of rocks

French fruits
Use paint and scrapbook paper to create your own fabulous version of this sweet fruit-wall-art.
See how it was made at Crafts By Amanda

Regal art
you Use the free printables new, fun kind of goal – with a small budget.
Download the printable at Tatertots & Jello

bird's chest of drawers
Use vintage to decorate bird-graphics, a painted chest of drawers, give it a exclusive look.
See how it's Chip was made at Lindy's Cottage Hill.

Paint type
Make your own abstract patchwork art using paint chips (a $290 savings).
Learn how to Tinker with it in life, and whatever

you Use to make fabric and box decoupaged on the boards-wall art as well as Pottery Barn.
Learn how to do it on A diamond in the stuff

Modified Moleskine
An anthropology inspired notebook with a simple one with a Mod collection and wrapping paper.
Learn how it was made, in a radical way.

Faux Metal Tags:
These tags can be found inspired by Ballard Design, but are made of clay and paper. This is one of my favorite-knock-off-decor-projects, because they look so real!
Learn how you were made, in The Country Chic Cottage

Anthro mirror
you Make this budget-version of a flower-Anthro mirror for about $480 savings – and the secret ingredient is oven cleaner.
Find out how

was made at Flamingo toes-Structured lamps
you can Achieve a textured look on the old, gold lamps with tissue paper and different colors.
get the instructions at Fern Creek Cottage

Faux Filigree
get the look of Anthropologie’s filigree buttons with paper pieces and wooden buttons.
Find out how to make it in the house again

birch candles
This Mod hodgepodge DIY version made from faux birch candles is easy to make – and saves you $4 per candle.
See how they were made at Crafts Unleashed

eye chart
This vintage eye charts cost $275 – $495 at restoration Hardware. You can Mod your own version for way less with-smorgasbord.
Find out how they do it in the From gardeners 2 Bergers

Botanical Ring
Podgeable shapes and dimensions Using, the magic, which inspired a pretty ring from Stella McCartney.
See how it was made, the bromeliad

Sealife canvas
- life this Mod will Make the hodgepodge of DIy wall art with vintage sea-life graphics and change their colors.
you can Find the step-by-step-on Nest of Posies

typewriter art
Print your own letters and numbers, stain a Board and get Mod Podging. It looks great!
Learn how it was made, at the sacred craft
Which of these is your favorite knock off decor project? To listen to I’d love in the comments! Let me know how to create with Mod-hodgepodge, budget versions of designer finds.

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