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20 Cute crafts Melts with Mod

Have you Melts already from a Mod? You are the new Mod-hodgepodge product that you can make your own ornaments. 20 inspirational craft ideas!

Have you Melts already from a Mod? If not, let me introduce you to them. You can shape this fun little embellishments with Mod smorgasbord, and then special sticks called Mod Melts. They do just what they sound like, how they do – melt into the shape of your choice, depending on the shape you use!
The beauty of these little guys is that after the purchase of the forms, you can adornments unlimited – do not pay more $5 charge for a pack in the craft. Mod melts and molds were developed by my friends Cathie and Steve for Plaid, and it’s no limit to the number of projects you can make with them: home decor, jewelry, accessories, and more
In fact, I’ve put together a collection that will delight you – so if you're wondering how to use the Melts, all you need to do, click to see my slideshow. So check out these ideas and let me know . . . which one is your favorite?
craft with Mod Melts
Add painted Melt Mod to make the paper clips, the greatest office supply ever.
Decorated with used paper clips 52 mantle
Cathie, Mod hodgepodge of charm and the bird's nest melt to create a fun little bird pendant.
bird and nest pendant in diamonds
Organize your bathroom with a small container – and the pictures painted/sticker on the front.
DIY-labels and Mod Melts at My sister’s case
These decorative votives are perfect for a date night on the beach – or even a wedding!
Shell and burlap votive candles in plaid
Ceilings, wood-sighted monogram with tons of different sized flowers and rhinestones.
Mod melts floral monogram in diamonds
Don’t want to forget which wine glass is yours? You use melts the butterfly (or any other shape) stimuli.
Mod Melts wine charms in the crafts, A magic
the Mod Melts alphabet with sound-Collage, create a pinboard inspired by nature.
Wanderlust cork-Board in plaid
This menu board is accented by a small flag with Mod letter Melts at the top.
Framed menu Board Plaid
A clear glass vase gets a pretty upgrade with painted Mod flowers melt.
Embellish a vase to DIY on the cheap
Katie made the cutest mother-daughter ring set with the frame and cabochons shape.
mother & daughter jewelry at Sweet Rose Studio
Decorate a simple white headband with bow, add inspired of nature, melts on the top.
birds & butterfly headband in plaid
one Of these things is not like the other. . . and that’s what I love about this owl sample type.
Mod Melts specimen art in craft a spell
Want to make your dollar store sunglasses stand out from the crowd? Just paste flowers.
DIY rose sunglasses with Cathie Filian
I like the Melts, the addition of a Mod to give these pots a whimsical touch.
Bumble bee pots 2 Small super hero
This wall art is both cute and inspiring – the spell of your choice.
Spread your wings and fly wall art in plaid
will beautify a simple circle design together with thread and color, and a simple clutch.
Mod clutch embellished Melts in the Fabric Paper Glue
The shapes in the steampunk Mod-Form are perfect for decorating themes-cell phone-case.
Steampunk cell phone case Plaid
The rose melts a perfect necklace, especially when you add your own vintage brooch.
DIY Mod Melts necklace at rain on a tin roof
Both kids and adults will love this craft – a simple way to personalize a journal.
How to personalize your journal to Feel at home
With Mod Melts together with embroidery is a nice touch it adds to a plain lampshade.
DIY embroidered lampshade in Miss Information

DIY paper cactus on wood (Easy living!)
Wine Bottle Chandelier Is Colorful, Beautiful
Top-10-Mod-conglomeration projects in 2017, you'll love to